Top 10 Best Female Villains Ever To Appear In An Anime

If anime taught us one thing, it is that one must be wary of appearances. Beneath an angelic face, he can hide a real monster of cruelty. Yes, not all women are as sweet and kind as they seem in anime. Some of them have really bad background. They kill, torture and show great sadism. In their field, the great female villains of anime have nothing to envy to their male counterparts. Discover how fascinating they are, with our 10 of the best female villains to ever appear in an anime.

For the order of this ranking, we are based on the opinion of fans collected on several forums and online sites. Therefore, this top in no way reflects the opinion of the editorial staff.

#10 Lize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul)

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Lize Kamishiro was considered one of Tokyo’s most dangerous ghouls. Known under the pseudonym of “Goinfre”, due to the massive amount of human flesh she ingested, Lize was seen as a huge threat while she was alive.

She used her charms to attract her prey, as she tried to do with Ken Kaneki. Wherever she went, Lize caused a veritable bloodbath. Absolutely nothing seemed to resist him.

#9 The Witch Queen (Black Clover)

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This powerful and intractable queen is the ruler of the Forest of Witches and the mother of all witches. It is a formidable enemy, who does not hesitate to use manipulation and cruel techniques pto achieve his ends.

This woman hates men and imperfection in general. His ability to be able to predict the future led him to change into a vain and uncompromising being. The Witch Queen masters blood magic, who is capable of great feats.

#8 Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)

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And The attack of the Titans also drives fans crazy every week, that’s because the anime features twists you can’t see anywhere else. Annie Leonhart was central to many of them in Season 1.

Fans literally jumped off their couch when they found out that Annie was, in fact, the Female Titan. Alone, the warrior Mahr a managed to rout the Army of Paradise. Even in her human form, Annie possesses impressive abilities. It is in particular a hand-to-hand combat specialist.

#7 Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood)

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While many homunculi are a reflection of the sin attributed to them, Lust (whose name can be translated as “lust”) seems to be an exception to the rule. She takes no pleasure in seducing men.

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Lust much prefers torturing humans, because she feels no sympathy towards them. It is a particularly malignant and sadistic manipulator. She is also very good at fighting. Among other things, Lust can extend his fingers to slice his opponents.

#6 Himiko Toga (My Hero Academia)

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Himiko Toga is undoubtedly the most unbalanced character My Hero Academia. When she feels interest in a person, she develops a sort of obsession with them. Himiko then becomes ready for anything to stab that person and drink their blood.

His Quirk “Metamorphosis” allows him to take on the appearance of his victims. The way he uses it is quite creepy, although very useful for the League of Villains. Himiko always keeps smiling, even when she kills. This makes her a particularly confusing villain.

#5 Isabella (The Promised Neverland)

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At the beginning of The Promised Neverland, Isabella seemed like a lovely orphanage manager. But secretly, she sold children of the Grace Field House to serve as food for demons.

If she did it, it’s only for the purpose that the same fate doesn’t happen to her. It is nonetheless a despicable act, which turned fans upside down when they learned about it. Twisted and terribly intelligent, Isabella is the kind of villain you might not suspect at first.

#4 Daki (Demon Slayer)

Warning, this section of the ranking may contain spoilers if you haven’t watched the anime’s Pleasure Quarter Arc yet. Demon Slayer.

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Inasmuch as 6th Upper Moon, Daki is part of of the most feared demons in the universe Demon Slayer. In the pleasure district, she uses her position as an Oiran (high-ranking prostitute) to her advantage, in order to devour her customers.

Sadistic and beautiful, Daki is a fearsome creature that uses its obis (kimono sashes) to defend itself. Her tumultuous past, the childish aspect of her personality and the relationship that binds her to her brother make her an exciting villain to follow in the anime.

# 3 Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)

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Junko Enoshima is the “Elite High School Girl of Despair” and the person responsible for the massacre organized between the students in the series Danganronpa. It is also adorned with the title of “Ultimate Fashinosta” at the Hope’s Peak Academy, because she was once a famous model.

Junko Enoshima has an unstable personality. This girl is as ruthless as it is sadistic. She has one and only one goal in life: plunge the world into utter despair.

#2 Médusa Gorgon (Soul Eater)

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Medusa Gorgon, also known as Dr. Medusa, was Shibusen’s caring nurse. In fact, it was also a powerful witch who had horrible plans. Among others, she wanted to study black blood and the release of the Kishin.

Medusa has great intelligence and impressive adaptability. She is also a particularly cruel woman. EHe considers everyone as a stepping stone to the success of his experiences. She will not hesitate to use her child as an instrument allowing her to give life to her desires.

# 1 Esdeath (Akagame Ga Kill!)

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Esdeath is a high ranking general of the Empire. She is considered as the latter’s most powerful wife, and has already distinguished itself by defeat an army of 40,000 soldiers single-handedly. To defend herself, Esdeath uses a long fencing sword, as well as ice powers usable thanks to the Demonic Elixir.

As a great sadist, Esdeath makes her enemies endure a thousand sufferings. Torture is one of his favorite pastimes. She has absolutely no remorse at taking her life. Paradoxically, she is extremely attentive and considerate towards her subordinates.

We have come to the end of this ranking. Tell us, in the comments, which of these big villains is for you the best ever appeared in an anime? While waiting to read your posts, jump into our top 10 most heroic anime sacrifices of all time.