Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes, Ranked

The anime catalog is vast and wonderfully diverse, offering a generous assortment of anime from every known genre, thus giving fans a wide variety to choose from. It is neither an exaggeration nor an unrealistic assessment to say that when it comes to anime, there is certainly something for everyone.

And for those looking for something more intellectually stimulating or resonant and deeply moving, there are enough anime that go above and beyond and give viewers something else to sink their teeth into. These are the anime that leave a lasting impression when all is said and done.

10 Joran: The Princess Of Snow And Blood Explores Difficult Subjects

Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood is, in itself, a deep anime. It explores a number of compelling themes through its protagonist Sawa, whose existence depends on her compliance with the government black ops organization Nue.

The series presents a tangled web of lies, deceit and murder, and puts Sawa at the forefront of some terrifyingly traumatic events. Even though Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood It doesn’t feature the same deft application of complex themes seen in some of the genre’s most intricate anime, but it does offer several surprising moments.

9 Demon Slayer Elevates Its Narrative1646905428 926 Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes Ranked.webp

demon slayer It is much deeper than it seems at first sight. The series is undoubtedly a visual spectacle with some of the most dynamic fight scenes in all of anime, but to acknowledge only that would be grossly unfair. demon slayer of Koyoharu Gotouge is much more than that.

Gotouge uses subtext, deep motifs and unexpected plot twists to masterful effect and elevates the narrative through the exploration of multiple complex themes and silky character development. Tanjiro’s goal is enough to illustrate how deep it can be demon slayer .

8 Erased Sheds Light On A Harsh Reality1646905428 972 Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes Ranked.webp

Erased turns out to be one of the most moving anime in the genre. By the end of the anime’s first episode, rejected editor Satoru Fujinuma’s life has changed drastically. After being framed for the murder of a person close to him, Fujinuma is sent 18 years into the past, where he discovers that the killer may be connected to the murder of his schoolmate, Kayo Hinazuki.

The series follows Fujinuma as he attempts to change the future by preventing Kayo’s death. Erased examines a series of profound themes and leaves the viewer desperate for Fujinuma to succeed in his attempt to save Kayo. The series is heartbreaking, but it sheds a much-needed light on some very harsh and profound realities.

7 Steins;Gate 0 exposes its protagonist to psychological trauma1646905428 229 Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes Ranked.webp

Rintaro Okabe’s mission to save Mayuri Shiina is fraught with obstacles, forcing the protagonist to Steins;Gate 0 to persevere through severe odds to successfully change the fate of her lab partner.

The series is dark and haunting, following Okabe as he returns to the past countless times, enduring unimaginable psychological trauma along the way. It is enough for him to witness her friend’s death over and over again for over a year, but unfortunately for Okabe, this is only a fraction of the difficulty he faces in his mission to save her.

6 The Magical Girl site examines the effects of intense bullying1646905428 206 Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes Ranked.webp

If it weren’t for the sad eyes that the protagonist Aya Asagiri possesses in Magical Girl Site, anime character models may be misleading. The series is dark and poignant, with writer Kentaro Sato exploring the seriousness of bullying and its devastating impact through protagonist Aya in the first episode.

Aya’s disposition never really changes. Those sad eyes are still present throughout the series, which seems to be a stark reminder of how long-lasting the effects of a traumatic experience are. Aya gains sympathy and friends on her journey, but nothing lessens the impact of the protagonist’s character arc.

5 Made In Abyss is aesthetically misleading1646905428 729 Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes Ranked.webp

Made in Abyss is one of the most misleading anime of the genre. At first glance, one might assume that the tone of the anime is light-hearted, but after looking past the big-eyed character models and delving deeper into the anime, viewers quickly learn just how deep and dark the series is.

Akihito Tsukushi’s series boasts surprisingly intricate characterization and an absorbing narrative, not to mention one of the deepest and most difficult-to-watch scenes in all of anime involving the hapless Mitty. It’s worth diving into the Abyss and exploring the world of Tsukushi with the protagonist Riko and her robot friend Ella Reg.

4 Wonder Egg Priority Explores The Difficulties Of Teenage Girls1646905428 350 Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes Ranked.webp

Wonder Egg Priority, series written by Shinji Nojima, is one of the few original works in the anime catalog written directly for television. The exquisitely animated series tackles a number of complex issues. Through its central characters, Ai, Neiru, Rika, and Momo, the series explores some of the most crippling difficulties faced by teenage girls.

Wonder Egg Priority It is not only deep, but it is also very moving as it introduces a variety of significant themes and examines their impact on its protagonist Ai and her companions in a heartbreaking way. The series joins OddTaxi in the conversation for the most suggestive original series released in 2021.

3 The Weird Taxi Is More Suggestive Than It Seems1646905429 280 Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes Ranked.webp

OddTaxi is the epitome of a sleeper hit anime. The series arrived in April 2021 and became a surprise hit among anime fans. One of the many reasons why Odd Cab has been so well received is because of its clever exploration of real-world problems and wonderfully scrutinizing the current situation in Japan.

Screenwriter Kazuya Konomoto’s world is often as compelling as it is interesting, featuring an array of fantastically diverse and refreshingly plausible characters. Despite the anthropomorphic characterization of him, each character faces something that the audience can relate to. This adds an additional nuance to an already exceptionally layered narrative.

2 Death Note is dark, graphic and intense1646905429 124 Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes Ranked.webp

death note is easily one of the deepest, most layered, and best-written anime in the entire genre. Like Michael Corleone in The Godfather, Light Yagami’s journey represents and exemplifies a dark reversal of change. What begins as a self-imposed mission to rid the world of evil quickly turns into something far more sinister.

Although Light’s tainted idea of ​​good and evil has been present since the first episode of the series, Tsugumi Ohba masterfully examines how power can destroy a person’s soul. death note it’s dark, graphic, intense and splendidly intelligent. Above all, it is a rollercoaster ride full of exciting twists and turns that make the anime a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

1 The narrative of Attack On Titan is very complex1646905429 600 Top 10 Deepest Anime With Complex Themes Ranked.webp

attack on Titan is the deepest, most suggestive and intricate anime of the genre. Hajime Isayama’s ingenious series is spectacularly complex and contains brilliantly crafted narrative, not to mention superb character development and high-end world building.

Isayama expertly subverts audience expectations throughout the series, employing deep motifs, compelling allegories, and significant historical references to add depth to the narrative and heighten the stakes. To really appreciate the complexity of Attack the titans, viewers have to be willing to look deeply into the connection between each memorable moment.