Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers, Ranked

Although a good story is one of a reader’s top priorities when looking for a new book to get lost in, and manga is no exception. But in the world of manga, the cover plays an almost equally important role in drawing the reader’s eye in the first place. the manga demon slayer by Koyoharu Gotouge does exactly that.

They use color not only to highlight the characters and their personalities, but also to apply the use of color and various techniques that naturally guide the viewer’s eye through the art. Occasionally certain shapes and patterns are used to help guide the reader and represent deeper meaning. The manga’s cover art proves on multiple occasions to be as beautiful as the story it contains.

WARNING: spoilers ahead Demon Hunter Koyoharu Gotouge!

10 Volume 2 Shows The Demon King’s Encounter With The Earring Boy Hanafuda

This is one of the first times that a pattern of shapes is used to guide the viewer’s eyes. The shape is similar to that of blood spatter. This form can be seen at the top and then appears again on Tanjiro’s arm to Muzan’s shoulder and then at the bottom.

The use of blood alludes to the trail of blood that led to the first meeting of these characters. Also, the blood adds to the murderous intent Tanjiro has for the man who killed his family and Muzan has for the boy with the hanafuda earrings who reminds him of an old enemy.

9 Volume 21 Captures A Photographic Moment1647777832 54 Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers Ranked.webp

This cover of Yushiro holding Tamayo’s hand, along with the background color, is reminiscent of an old vintage Japanese photograph of a couple, perhaps showing a moment of love frozen in time. The purple and pink colors combined with the floral motifs guide the viewer through the work.

Bringing your eyes slowly to the sudden red chair to highlight Tamayo’s character and possibly highlight the important role he plays in the fight against Muzan. The colors used in Tamayo’s kimono are reflected in a faded style in the title text, which could also contribute to her being the center of attention on the cover.

8 Volume 4 Shows A Showdown With A Wereboar1647777832 660 Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers Ranked.webp

The bold red background almost seems to demand attention, similar to Inosuke’s personality. The black, which is similar in shape to the lighting, hints at a rattling experience that somewhat describes Inosuke’s first appearance. In Japan, the symbolism of red changes depending on its application, but samurai often wear red to show strength and power.

This, combined with the Western symbolism of red associated with anger, accentuates the irritation Tanjiro and Inosuke feel upon meeting. It also shows Inosuke’s persistence in showing that he is more powerful and stronger than Tanjiro.

7 Volume 9 Shows Sound Hashira With Her Jewels1647777832 965 Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers Ranked.webp

This cover gives off a fun and flashy vibe that fits well with Tengen’s quirky personality. There are multiple color repeat techniques with gradient techniques which make it amazing but not chaotic.

The pinks and blues play well together, leading from the top of the background to her headdress and swords, and then down her suit to the title. The gold color is evenly distributed throughout the ensemble, from the hints mixed with the blue to the sword accents and bands in the background, making sure that Tengen remains the center of attention.

6 Volume 14 Sing the Colors of Love Hashira1647777832 104 Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers Ranked.webp

The use of bright and neon colors fits well with Mitsuri’s cheerful personality. The main color guide is pink, an appropriate color for the Love Hashira, which makes an almost curving motion from the top to the center and curving back down.

While the green accentuates the pink, it makes sure to guide the viewer from any direction towards the center as well as the focus of the character. Also, the cover has almost an 80’s feel to it, as Mitsuri looks like a pop idol from the same era.

5 Volume 6 Shows Hashira Bug Beauty Mask1647777833 844 Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers Ranked.webp

This cover is beautiful, but it seems confusing at first glance. The color purple seems to take center stage here, leading from the title text through Shinobu’s hair to her outfit. However, what catches the eye at first is the pastel colors intertwined in her butterfly print coat, as well as Shinobu’s beauty and calm.

Looking at the background, there is a mess of colors spread everywhere, which is almost similar to the mess of emotions that Shinobu keeps inside her.

4 Volume 16 conveys the tranquility of love1647777833 754 Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers Ranked.webp

This deck seems to be a bit different than most other decks. There is even a different sensation that is not perceived in the others. The mixture of white with blue and then with white creates an overall feeling of calm and serenity. The feel is similar to the personalities of the cover characters Amane and Kagaya.

The mix itself seems to be a representation of the way their personalities complement each other, with Amane dressed in blue and Kagaya in white. The quiet love between the leader of Hashira and his wife can be strongly felt.

3 Volume 1 shows the darkness of the tragedy1647777833 986 Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers Ranked.webp

The trail of color that is repeated on the cover of the first volume does more than guide the viewer; he seems to be trying to tell a story. The reddish-pink color leads from Tanjiro’s hair to the expressions of anger and sadness on her face, to the bows of Nezuko crying.

The orange color extends to the fingernails of the hands that hold her sister, to the handle of the sword that shows her desire to protect her, and then to her obi. The orange color descends to engulf the only world he has left, and the black represents the darkness that now covers that world.

2 Volume 23 Proves There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel1647777833 819 Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers Ranked.webp

The last cover of the manga series is that of happiness and sadness. Originally, the color white represented mourning in Japan and still does in some parts, but it has become more of a symbol of purity due to Western influence.

The white background creates a sense of purity, as the darkness that once enveloped Tanjiro and Nezuko’s world has disappeared. There is a mixed feeling of happiness at seeing the brothers finally smile after all they have endured, but also sadness at seemingly saying goodbye to fans.

1 Volume 8 represents the heat of the Hashira flame1647777834 793 Top 10 Demon Slayer Manga Covers Ranked.webp

The red, orange and yellow colors dance majestically from one side of the cover to the other. They slowly descend from the bottom, through Rengoku’s hair, to his cloak that surrounds him and his sword in the center. The colors surround him like the flames of his fighting spirit, which can be seen and felt.

The flowers behind the flames reflect the kind and compassionate nature below. The mix of fire elements in this watch face is so well done that it feels like it would be warm to the touch.