Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus, Ranked

demon slayer It has quickly become one of the world’s favorite anime series, an action-fantasy shonen about monstrous demons and the sword hunters that chase them across Japan. The story is about Tanjiro Kamado, a kind-hearted boy who only wants to save lives and restore humanity to his sister Nezuko at any cost.

Along the way, Tanjiro will meet many wonderful and exciting characters, including more than one potential waifus and husbandos. However, a waifu is much more than what she looks like: it’s also about what’s on the inside. A great waifu will have a stellar personality, such as her courage, her kindness, her sense of humor, and much more.

10 Tamayo just wants to help others

Tamayo may be a demon, but he would never harm another person, not even for food. Isa kind healer, similar to Recovery Girl from My Hero Academia or the Orihime Inoue ofbleach, and has a friendly character to match. Tamayo quickly gained the trust of Tanjiro and Nezuko with his warm personality.

Tamayo is an ideal waifu for anyone who prefers a selfless, soft-spoken companion who can humbly support anyone in need, anytime they need it. There’s a lot to love about the parenting guy like Tamayo, demon or not.

9 Shinobu Kocho Is Kind But Fierce1647256894 323 Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus Ranked.webp

One of the nine powerful Hashira is the petite but tough Shinobu Kocho, who is the only insect Hashira in the demon slayer corps. She lacks the strength to rip a demon’s head off, so instead she uses wisteria poison and tricks to kill her enemies. Don’t underestimate her.

As a potential waifu, Shinobu is appealing for her outwardly charming and playful demeanor, though fans should remember that she also seethes with anger beneath that cheerful exterior. It’s not a good idea to test her patience, even in a love relationship.

8 Suma Has Funny Outbursts1647256895 728 Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus Ranked.webp

Suma is a trained kunoichi who fears no demon and, along with Makio and Hinatsuru, bravely fights alongside her boss, the wholesome Hashira Tengen Uzui. In particular, Uzui’s three companions are a reflection of Tanjiro and his friends, Suma being the equivalent of the electric Zentitsu Agatsuma.

Suma is known for her strong emotional outbursts and tantrums, much like Zenitsu, but some fans love her for it, rather than finding it annoying. Anyone looking for a fun and expressive waifu is sure to like Suma.

7 Makio is strong and cool1647256895 500 Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus Ranked.webp

Just as Suma is a gender-leaning Zenitsu, the skilled kunoichi Makio is reminiscent of the boar-headed hunter Inosuke. Furthermore, Makio is quite good at handling Suma when she throws a tantrum or makes a scene. Someone you have to do it.

Makio should please any fan of demon slayer looking for a strong, tough and self-confident waifu who can fend for herself. She should be a perfect waifu for anyone who likes other waifus like Yoruichi Shihoin, Kyoka Jiro, and Nami.

6 Hinatsuru Is Like Tanjiro1647256895 297 Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus Ranked.webp

Hinatsuru is Tengen Uzui’s third partner kunoichi, and she is very skilled and brave like the other two, although her personality is somewhat different from Makio and Suma. She is very similar to Tanjiro, as she is a kind and compassionate person who always puts others first.

This may also remind fans of demon slayer to Tamayo, except Hinatsuru is an exciting action hero who has good chemistry with the rest of her team, making her stronger waifu material than Tamayo in most ways. There are many things to like about her.

5 Kanao Tsuyuri is gentle and sweet1647256895 584 Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus Ranked.webp

Kanao Tsuyuri is a very quiet but kind girl who is also a member of the Butterfly State, along with Shinobu Kocho and other Slayers. She is indecisive, meek, and tends to flip coins to make her decisions, much like Two-Face from the comics. batman . But she is not a villain.

Kanao is highly regarded for her carefree nature, which is perfectly combined with her iron determination to be a great hunter and live up to what Shinobu expects of her. Fans of hers also adore her intimate moments with Tanjiro, making her a “must have” waifu.

4 Kanae Kocho Had A Radiant Personality1647256896 589 Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus Ranked.webp

Kanae Kocho had already passed away when Tanjiro met Shinobu and the other members of the Butterfly State, but had they somehow met, they would have gotten along. Flashbacks make it clear that Kanae was a compassionate, optimistic and cheerful person who was easy to like.

It was Kanae who rescued the silent Kanao from a terrible fate in life, and Shinobu missed her dearly when she died. It’s easy to say that, with her stellar personality, Kanae is among the best waifus in demon slayer. Anyone would perk up just being near her.

3 Kie Kamado Was A Great Mother1647256896 127 Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus Ranked.webp

Kie Kamado only made brief appearances in the story of demon slyesterday, including an illusory version of herself in the Mugen Train story arc, but it’s easy to see that she’s one of the best moms in anime, and one of the best waifus in anime. demon slayer of all. It’s easy to see why Tanjuro and the others loved her so much.

Kie was a wonderful mother and wife in the Kamado household, always encouraging her sons and daughters to be their best selves and believe in themselves no matter what. Anyone would want to have an uplifting and inspiring partner like her.

2 Nezuko Kamado Is Kind And Strong1647256896 907 Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus Ranked.webp

Nezuko Kamado is an important supporting character, as she is the only survivor of the Kamado other than her brother, Tanjiro. Nezuko is noted for her cheerful and compassionate personality, similar to that of Kanae and Hinatsuru, and she nobly refuses to eat human flesh for any reason.

Nezuko is a fan favorite for her charming personality, remarkable fighting skills, strong will, and absolute loyalty to her brother and her new friends. She is also well-liked for her adorable “smol Nezuko” form.

1 Mitsuri Kanroji believes in the power of love1647256896 482 Top 10 Demon Slayer Waifus Ranked.webp

The powerful Hashira of love is Mitsuri Kanroji, who made a charming first impression with her cheerful, enthusiastic personality and romantic streak. She is actively looking for a spouse among the demon slayers, and that was actually the main reason for her to join her corps. She would make any spouse very happy.

Fans can’t get enough of this beloved Hashira, and anyone would want to have her as their beloved waifu. She hasn’t said or done much in the anime yet, but I’m sure she’ll do a lot more in future story arcs and show what she’s capable of.