Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado is one of the most recent characters to be inducted into the “Big Three” hall of fame. as protagonist demon slayer , Tanjiro has become one of the most recognizable main characters in anime history. Tanjiro’s story begins with tragedy as he races to save his sister’s life to find the rest of his family massacred. As he runs to save Nezuko’s life, she transforms into a demon. When one of the Hashira, Giyu, attempts to assassinate her, Tanjiro fights to protect her sister from her despite what she has become.

After seeing their love for each other, Giyu sets Tanjiro and Nezuko on an arduous path that brings life-threatening challenges. As a pure and good-hearted individual, Tanjiro happily tackles all obstacles that come his way, as long as they lead him to a cure for Nezuko and saving innocent lives. Tanjiro is one of the most lovable characters in anime and fans enjoy seeing him fight for Nezuko, overcome grim situations, and prove that he is a skilled demon slayer.

10 Tanjiro Is Extremely Hardworking

Giyu sent Tanjiro to the former Hashira Sankoji for training to become a demon slayer. Tanjiro trained with Sankoji for two years and was finally able to split a rock. When he finally became a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, he would recuperate at the Butterfly mansion after missions.

While there, Tanjiro is seen training every day, even with a fever. When his friends Inosuke and Zenitsu were too depressed to train, he went to train every day alone. Tanjiro does not stop trying to master new techniques, even if it causes him damage.

9 Tanjiro Is A Hard Head, Literally1648287628 729 Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado.webp

One of Tanjiro’s signature moves is his headbutt. When he lands one on his opponent, he is surprised at how effective and painful he is. The wind, Hashira Sanemi, learned this the hard way when he stole Nezuko’s box and stabbed her repeatedly.

Tanjirou was furious. With his hands tied, Tanjiro used the only thing available, his head. He delivered an intense punch that shocked all the Hashira watching him.

8 It’s Hard For Tanjiro To Lie1648287628 600 Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado.webp

Tanjiro is possibly the most honest anime character ever created. He cares deeply about people in general, whether he knows them or not. As such, he comforts the people around him and forces them to develop admiration for him. Tanjiro possesses many characteristics that emphasize his benevolence.

One of the most obvious traits is his inability to lie. Fans learned during the Entertainment District arc that Tanjiro contorts his face into funny expressions when he tries to lie—it’s too hard and awkward for him to be dishonest.

7 Tanjiro Has Innate Abilities To Breathe Fire1648287628 212 Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado.webp

Tanjiro used the Hinokami Kagura, the Dance of the Fire God, for the first time in his battle against Rui on Natagumo Mountain. Not only was Tanjiro about to be defeated by Rui, but Nezuko was suspended in the air with a rope that began to cut her body.

In his frustration and despair, Tanjiro used the Sun Breathing technique. In the anime, he is currently researching this technique and wants to train himself to use it in future battles.

6 Tanjiro ends up winning everyone over1648287628 404 Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado.webp

The Hashiras scrambled to push Tanjiro and Nezuko away. They did not trust demons and believed that Nezuko’s true nature would come out very soon. Senemi cut herself to reveal Nezuko’s nature, but she resisted. Although Nezuko passed Senemi’s test, the Hashira still thought that it was an insult to all the demons they had killed or the former Hashira, to accept Tanjiro and Nezuko.

After seeing him in action, Gyiu, Kyorjuro, and Tengen changed their minds about Tanjiro and Nezuko. Kyorjuro accepted Nezuko as a demon slayer before he died, and when the battle in the Entertainment District Arc concluded, Tengen informed the snake Hashira Obanai Iguro, that Tanjiro can reach Kyoguro’s potential.

5 Tanjiro always finds a way forward1648287628 866 Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado.webp

Tanjiro has suffered many losses in his life. He lost his mother and his siblings at the same time, and his only surviving sibling is now a demon. Still, Tanjiro faces each new day with positivity and love in his heart. Fans understand and believe that this is Tanjiro, but it also explains his mindset in his first mission.

Tanjiro was able to stop the swamp demon once it arrived, but it was too late for Kazumi’s fiancé Satoko. Tanjiro handed her hairpin back to him and encouraged him to keep going. She told him that even if she hurts him, she keeps moving forward, a philosophy that Tanjiro follows in her life.

4 Tanjiro Isn’t Afraid1648287629 997 Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado.webp

Tanjiro is so brave that he makes fans constantly worry about his safety. Fighting demons constantly is brave, and whenever he gets scared in battle he forces himself to overcome his fears. However, his most intense display of bravery occurs early on. Tanjiro walks into town one night with Nezuko and stops for a bite to eat. As he ate, Tanjiro caught the scent that permeated his house the day his family was killed.

Tanjiro immediately put down his food and chased the scent. When he reached him, he found Muzan and touched his shoulder. Tanjiro wasn’t afraid to approach the demon that slaughtered his family. Not only was he willing to get close to him, but when Muzan cut off a civilian to cause a distraction, Tanjiro angrily called out to let him know that he would find him.

3 Tanjiro Loves His Sister More Than Anything1648287629 219 Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado.webp

Tanjiro will always take care of Nezuko. Their relationship is one of the most adorable interactions fans witness. When Nezuko first transformed, she tried to attack Tanjiro. Even then, he prayed for her humanity.

Tanjiro continues to fight for Nezuko and takes good care of her. He hasn’t stopped carrying her since that tragic day. Even in his demon form, Tanjiro is kind and caring towards his beloved sister.

2 Tanjiro Shows Compassion For Everyone, Even Demons1648287629 474 Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado.webp

When he engages in combat, Tanjiro attacks the demons with everything he has, even if it can kill him. He is enraged when he learns of the torment the demons inflict. Devils have no regard for human life, and for someone who understands how precious life is, their actions are unforgivable. Despite his anger, Tanjiro always manages to find the good in everyone.

He has shown kindness to various demons in his final moments. She told Kyogai that his writings were important, gave Susamaru her ball as she disappeared, and gave the Spider Mother a merciful death when she gave up. In his last battle during the Entertainment District arc, she held Gyutar oya Ume as they disappeared and hoped they would end up in the afterlife together.

1 Tanjiro Is Pure At Heart1648287629 132 Top 10 Things About Tanjiro Kamado.webp

Tanjiro is a genuinely kind and friendly individual. He goes out of his way to befriend just about everyone he meets and makes sure everyone around him is respected. Tanjiro’s constant generosity is enough to convey his kind nature, but the demon hunter takes this illustration one step further in the Mugen Train arc. When the demon Enmu put Tanjiro and his companions into a deep sleep, Enmu used the children to infiltrate his dreams and destroy his spirit core.

The boy who entered Tanjiro’s core was shocked when he entered a beautiful horizon. Tanjiro’s core was the sun, and small human-shaped beams of light guided the young man towards the sun because they knew what he was looking for. The boy was moved, he was led to Tanjiro’s core even though they knew he had malicious intent. This scene epitomizes Tanjiro’s pure heart.