Top 10 Violent Anime Heroes, Ranked

Many anime heroes either refuse to kill or resort to violence, making them admirable characters when faced with difficult situations. However, not all heroes steer clear of violence and some even embrace it depending on the situation.

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Sometimes going the violent route is a necessity of the world the hero lives in. Other times it’s unnecessary but it’s something the hero wants to participate in. Whatever the reasons for their actions, violent anime heroes are no less interesting than abstaining ones, with the reasons for their actions often being a compelling part of their character.

ten Bakugou is violent in personality and actions (My Hero Academia)

bakugo ready for battle

Bakugou is in training to be a hero, which hasn’t diminished his violent tendencies at all. Along with an explosive personality, Bakugou isn’t beyond inflicting pain on his allies and villains when the situation calls for it.

He doesn’t usually take his violence to bloody extremes, but they’re certainly enough for him to be physically overpowered. All along my hero academiait has gradually morphed and mellowed somewhat, though its explosive extremes remain below the surface.

9 Edward Elric is a soldier (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward Elric holds his cyborg arm and smiles

Entering the army at twelve, Edward Elric is no stranger to violence. He is unafraid to engage enemies in battle and nearly kills Shou Tucker after turning his daughter into a chimera, only stopping his violent onslaught when Alphonse steps in as a voice of reason.

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He’s not afraid to hurt those who truly deserve it, as shown in his fight with Pride. When it comes to outright killing, he tends to be hesitant, preferring to take a different path if possible.

8 Sasuke wanted to kill his brother (Naruto)

Sasuke despises his enemies in Naruto Shippuden

Among the three main protagonists of naruto, Sasuke is the most aggressive and prone to violence. For much of his youth, he had a vendetta against his brother, Itachi, for murdering their entire clan.

His quest for revenge escalates when he realizes the truth of Itachi’s situation and turns against his former allies, becoming practically consumed by hatred as he kills anyone who stands in his way. He eventually finds redemption and once again proves he’s a hero, but his moments of darkness are unforgettable.

7 Giorno Giovanna kills his enemies without remorse (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind)

Giorno from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Wanting to enter the world of the mafia, Giorno quickly shows that he is not averse to being violent in a world that demands it of him. One of the first defining moments of golden wind is to enact bloody revenge on Polpo for killing an innocent man, and the violence only escalates from there.

Many of the situations he faces are kill or be killed, but he’s not beyond excess, as shown by his ruthless beating of Ciocolatta. However, everyone who suffered Giorno’s wrath deserved more.

6 Tanjiro Kamado kills demons despite his kindness (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro's eyes bleed as he fights Daki.

In his quest to help his sister, demon slayerTanjiro Kamado takes on the violent job of slaying demons without hesitation. No matter how bloody the battle gets, he doesn’t give up until he’s managed to kill the demon he’s looking for.

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However, unlike many other characters in demon slayer, he does not relish the gore he is often a part of. He is as compassionate towards the demons he has to kill as possible, no matter how difficult the battle and how much blood has been shed.

5 Gojo Satoru uses his power to brutally kill curses (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo arrives in battle

One of the most powerful wizards in Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru uses his strength to his advantage, often resulting in violence. Curse hunting proves to be hard work and although Gojo is generally light-hearted in the way he does things, he has shown a sadistic side.

Fully aware and able to use his powers, he ruthlessly exorcises curses without hesitation. He does his best to protect civilians but is not beyond sacrificing innocent lives if he thinks it cannot be avoided.

4 Revy likes to kill her enemies (Black Lagoon)

Revy enjoys killing people in Black Lagoon

black lagoon‘s Revy isn’t afraid to use brute force to get his way. She is extremely hot-tempered and hostile, wielding a pair of guns that she is not afraid to use. All along black lagoonshe is responsible for many deaths and implicated in even more that have not been shown.

She seems to enjoy killing and tries to shoot Rock at close range, though she later comes to consider him a friend. Although she has many bad traits, her prowess and abilities deserve respect.

3 Eren Yeager would destroy the world to help his friends (Attack On Titan)

Eren detains founder Ymir

In The attack of the Titans, protagonist Eren Yeager won’t hesitate to resort to violence, despite usually having good intentions. He has no problem killing people if he thinks it will help others, including killing traffickers who were trying to take Mikasa, despite not knowing her at the time.

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His desire for death and violence only increases, especially towards the end of The attack of the Titans when he wants to destroy the world for the good of his people. He is ready to take drastic measures, although his actions come from a place of love.

2 Light Yagami killed people to make the world a better place (Death Note)

Light listens to the police radio in Death Note

Light Yagami’s status as a hero can be questionable with the extreme actions he takes Death threat, although it originally begins with good intentions. Dissatisfied with the corrupt state of the world and given Ryuk’s eponymous Death Note, he first attempts to rid the world of criminals by killing them with the book.

He must kill others, including the police, to avoid detection. This corrupts his good intentions as he sinks deeper with each death he commits.

1 Guts lived a violent life (Berserk)

Guts fights Bazuso in Berserk

An essential part of Guts’ character is being a fearsome warrior, known by titles such as Heartless Swordsman. He spent much of his youth fighting and killing to survive, being forced to kill the man he considered a father, and his violent exploits only grow as he ages.

He single-handedly kills a hundred soldiers and after losing his friends from the Band of the Falcon, he embarks on a bloody crusade to kill the monsters responsible. Despite his bloodlust, he struggles against the inner darkness that would cause him to commit truly depraved acts.

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