Top 15 FIRE Users in Anime and Manga

Ace and Sabo are two spiritual brothers from One Piece who have in common the fact of holding, without spoiler, the same devil fruit: the Mera Mera no Mi. It is a Logia which offers pyrogenic powers. We quickly discover Ace under the nickname of Ace with the Burning Fists. It possesses immense power, capable of taking down several Baroque Works ships with a single blow. It can also influence weather phenomena such as when it stopped snowfall on Drum Island.

Sabo also inherits this Devil Fruit. The Mera Mera no Mi simply changes its user to Fireman. This means he is no longer impacted by traditional bullets and wounds. It is one of the strongest powers in One Piece and the manga world in general. The user is able to create, control and literally become flames. He can craft fire-based attacks and has a very high heat tolerance. Each of his hits then burns the enemy and increases the range of attacks.

Both Ace and Sabo have developed ranged skills (like fire bullets or flamethrowers). They also use the reinforcement of the traditional costs (on a weapon, on the feet or the fists) in order to be very versatile. The power also makes it possible to fight on an equal footing against the users of certain Logia like that of the smoke. On the other hand, there are some weaknesses like Akainu’s Magu Magu no Mi (the magma smothers the user’s flames).

Ace and Sabo are notable fire users, as they can combine this incredible power with other abilities like Haki (of Kings or Armament). They are destined to dominate most of their contemporaries and this explains why Logia are highly sought after Devil Fruits. The most essential techniques of fire in One Piece are Kagero, Hiken, Higan, Enkai, Hotarubi, Dai Enkai: Entei, and Moeru Ryusoken: Kaen Ryuo.