Top 15 Villains/Antagonists in Anime

Light is a villainous protagonist who enjoys magnificent development throughout the manga and anime. It is through his thoughts and reflections that the viewer follows the unfolding of the main story. This leading testimony offers everyone the opportunity to interrogate many moral and philosophical dilemmas about the weight of human life, guilt, responsibility, justice and family ties. Light is a gifted student who acquires the most powerful weapon in the world. Its use is the problem.

His goal seems noble to most readers, at least at first. He wishes to eradicate crime in society by removing the worst garbage on the planet. However, he too quickly sees himself as a reincarnation of God. This culminates when he calls himself Kira (God in Japanese). He is quickly confronted by a no less gifted detective, L.

The various interactions between L and Light are iconic moments in the history of Japanese animation. Light is gradually establishing himself as one of the most charismatic and emblematic villains of his time. It inevitably occupies the first place in our ranking. His feats of arms are numerous and are marked by manipulation, questioning, trickery and betrayal. Everyone is affected, including his family. He takes advantage of all living beings who enter his close circle.

Light grows despicable as the episodes go on, but he’s still memorable for viewers. He thinks with two to three moves in advance, which allows him to overcome his most important opponents. Finally, his biggest opponent is certainly his growing insanity and his inflated ego. The dramatic but expected outcome of the anime perfectly illustrates the character’s last feelings: a formidable manipulator who considers himself to be the reincarnation of God on Earth.