Top manga from the Manga-news editorial staff – week 20, May 20, 2022

Since its debut, Makoto Ojiro’s manga Insomniacs has seduced us. With its neat, intense and beautifully conducted fifth volume, the title is our weekly favourite!

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Demon Slayer 22:

“The final battle of the series is well underway and its devastating nature, coupled with some well thought out twists, keeps us on our toes in an intense penultimate volume. The end is near, and we can feel it in particular by the subplots they also led to their respective conclusions. An effective climax, and one that sets high expectations for the end of the series.”

Horimiya 4:

“Marked by an important advance, this fourth volume shines as much for the intelligent way in which the thing is brought as for its treatment of characters as simple as fair, for the way in which our heroes have the good taste to communicate and to confide, and for its generally quite light tone which reinforces the charm and the somewhat “feel good” side of the whole. On arrival, the series confirms that it is definitely the high school romantic comedy of the moment.”

My Dark Friend 5:

“Taku Kawamura continues to scratch his slice of youthful life with innocence and positivity, not sticking to the subject of school bullying but expanding to the strongest feeling there is: Love. Thanks to his sensitive and fair paw, the he author dissects friendships like Nishimura’s love affair in a fifth opus as brilliant as it is amusing and touching. My Dark Friend remains a tasty read that you never get tired of!”

Soul Keeper 2:

“After a start full of surprises, Tsutomu Takahashi gives us a second volume as dense as it establishes captivating script lines. From human drama to fantastic and political thriller, Soul Keeper fascinates with its different tones and varied tracks, thus setting the bar of the work already very high.”

Tokyo Revengers 18:

“The final battle against the Tenjiku begins in an overexcited eighteenth volume, in which we appreciate the focus on Takemichi’s entourage more than on the hero of the series himself. It’s intense, marking the beginning of a captivating climax for this dense arc, while skilfully dissecting the various characters that have been added to the work in previous volumes. As we approach 20 volumes, Ken Wakui’s fantasy-tinged furyo does not weaken!”

New crush
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Insomniacs 5:

“Between the careful preparations and beginnings of the trip, the beautiful little insights they allow around the main characters, and a delectable atmosphere allowing us to best observe our main duo together, Makoto Ojiro offers us here a rich, very pretty volume. , sometimes intense in its genre, and possibly important for the bond uniting Ganta and Isaki. All this until a magnificent last chapter as much in its perfume of intimate confessions as in its beautifully brought final pages.”