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Tower of Fantasy is a new MMORPG featuring vibrant characters brought to life by talented voice actors. Players will meet some great characters on their journey, but who are the real people behind the ancient heroes? of the game ? Here’s the full voice cast of Tower of Fantasy, and where else you might recognize them from.

Inspired by anime aesthetics, Tower of Fantasy is attracting many Genshin Impact fans and has already made a huge impact thanks to its exciting in-depth combat system and large roster of Simulacra characters. Currently, there are eight main characters appearing in the newly released Tower of Fantasy, all of them played by fantastic Japanese and English voice actors.

Many of the voice talents in the game are veteran artists that players will no doubt recognize from other great projects. We have compiled an updated list of all the voice actors below for the Japanese and English versions of Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy English voice actors

An image of the main characters of Tower of Fantasy.

There are currently eight main characters in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy’s English voice cast is made up of many veteran actors who have appeared in various video game and anime roles in the past.

A notable standout from the list is Johnny Young, who players may know as Min-Gi from Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train, as well as Crypto in Apex Legends. Amber Lee Connors, who has played a host of anime characters including Pieck from Attack on Titan, is also part of the main cast.

Japanese voice cast

Tower of Fantasy’s Japanese voice cast also features several experienced actors.

The list includes to Yoshitusugu Matsuoka of Sword Art Online, as well as akari kito, best known for playing Nezuko in Demon Slayer. On the gaming side, Yui Ishikawa, who played 2B in one of the best JRPGs of all time, Nier Automata, also has a starring role.

Those are all the current voice actors appearing in Tower of Fantasy. We will update this list whenever new main characters are introduced.