Turbo Golf Racing receives crossplay and new levels with its new free update

Early August saw the early access launch of Turbo Golf Racing, which came with the Game Preview program on Xbox consoles and as Early Access on Steam. Starting today, players on both platforms can now play together, as Turbo Golf Racing has just received cross play with its new free update.

Today the developers at Hugecalf Studios released a free update for Turbo Golf Racing, a golfing rocket car game, bringing new content and features to the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam and Xbox One. WindowsPC. This free update comes in the middle of the season and you can now access the new content on all platforms.

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Starting today Turbo Golf Racing has a global leaderboard so we can see who the best players around the world are, plus now we can make groups between Xbox and Steam players thanks to crossplay. A new vehicle has also arrived in the game with the Ratoon Car, as well as a new ball with the Engine Ball, both of which are in rotation within the in-game store.

Among the changes that affect the gameplay of Turbo Gold Racing are the new Power Cores, which are the Ice Lock and the Big Shot, in addition to the fact that 6 new levels have arrived in the game, available both in single player mode and in rotation of online multiplayer games.

Over the last few weeks, the developers at Hugecalf Studios have been sharing the content that came to Turbo Golf Racing with today’s update, but it’s not the only one they’ve released since the game’s Early Access began, as they’ve been constantly offering new content. . If you’re a fan of Rocket League and Turbo Golf Racing catches your attention, take the opportunity to give it a try, especially if you’re subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass service.