Ukrainian model will make you fall in love with Mitsuri Kanroji’s version of Demon Slayer

We love to show you different styles of work cosplayand that is why this time we will show you the incredible work of a girl, which we believe will be to your liking, since we find it among our daily search to show you new artists from the world of cosplay every day, so that you can enjoy so much variety as possible, and thus have a good time enjoying your hobby.

On this occasion, we will talk to you about a girl who is not only dedicated to making great versions of cosplaybut she is also a professional model and even so, it is likely that you have not heard about her yet, but don’t worry, we take care of that, you just worry about enjoying yourself.

His name is Would giveand is originally from Kiev, Ukraine, the girl who enjoys becoming some of our favorite anime and video game characters, you can find her through her official account Instagram @daria_khimein which it has almost 43 thousand followers.

She shows us her best version of Mitsuri Kanrojia girl who is one of the supporting characters in the anime series Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayerbut stands out among some others, because of how spontaneous her personality is, her original style, her very light skin and curvaceous figure from which her voluptuous gifts stand out, but the most remarkable thing is her pink hair with green tips and big green eyes .

Would givedecided to show us a slightly more provocative version than usual, because the girl looks very comfortable in a cute pink bralette top and underwear set, in addition to wearing great pink hair with green tips, long , which reaches below her back, a very soft makeup that shows her beautiful features, all this accompanied by some great green striped stockings that reach halfway down her thighs.

We will continue to publish more attractive works of this and other cosplay artists, keep in touch, and if you like them, let us know, and please continue in eGamesNews.