Uraz, the voice of Inosuke and Agumon

CIUDAD VICTORIA, TAMAULIPAS.- Few actors in the national dubbing have a career as long as Uraz Huerta, who has not only played characters for 30 years, but has also participated in projects as important as; Dragon Ball, Digimon, Sakura Card Captor, Malcolm and recently Demon Slayer that stuck in the hearts of several generations.

Exclusively, during his visit to the capital of Tamaulipas, the actor talked about how his career began, the characters that have left him most satisfied, with whom he empathizes the most, and future projects for this 2023.

Uraz remembers that he began his career at the age of 5, when his father took him to work as an audio engineer after leaving school, in a dubbing studio for Audio Master 3 thousand.

Living with older people, but his diction was very good for five years, so they decided to invite him to dub a character, since there are few child actors in dubbing.

“My first characters were additional voices, ambient, but I worked on the ninja turtles of the 90s. My first animated difference-making character was the voice of the Chocolate boy in Hey Arnold.”

As a child actor, he worked on Sesame Street, Barney and his friends, Roky and his friends, to the extent that he was a representative of the children’s voice throughout the country, where he was ranked as the best voice in three years.

In his career he also participated in the radio where he was the children’s voice of the Voz FM station, which today is the top 40.

Do you have favorite characters?
No, I try to leave a little piece of myself with all my characters, they are a fragmentation of me. When I have to do one, I try to study it as much as possible and so to say; Look, this is the part of me and that part of me comes out.
I am located a lot by Ub from Dragon Ball, Travis from Hamtaro, by Shaoran from Sakura, by Matt and Agumon from Digimon, by Baby from Dragon Ball GT and currently by Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer.

How does it feel to be in the most iconic anime of the last 20 years?
It’s a dream already seeing it from the fan side because I was a fan of Dragon Ball. When they give me the news that I am going to work there and that I am going to be a disciple of Goku, it was like a beautiful dream, then I repeated in GT with Baby.

How was the approach to voice Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer?
When they give you a project, as a director you give a proposal that would fit each character and I entered that director’s proposal and when I did the voice test later, they accepted me.

Did you expect the success of the Demon Slayer Infinity Train movie?
Yes, since we recorded the first chapter they told us “This is going to be a fever so it turned out the best possible” and we all put a lot of love and effort into it. Since the voice test I was in love with my character because we are very similar.

How are they similar?
Where I live in Mexico City, it’s in some little mountains and he belongs to the king of the mountain. I am very greedy, I like to be very competitive, but he has problems and he solves them alone; He had no teacher, he only learned it, I identify myself in that, when he was in dubbing because I learned by watching. I wish I had made the same squares as him, but I had to keep them at rest.

Has it catapulted you better that the anime is broadcast on Netflix?
It has helped us for the community in general to know it, because always like the anime, it is focused on a certain audience that are otakus, collectors or gamers and the fact that they have broadcast it on Netflix caused the community to grow more, because they have Whole families come who don’t like anime but that one in particular liked it and that’s where they become fans.

By Raul Lopez Garcia