US box office: Dragon Ball and Beast get off to a good start, Top Gun achieves a new feat

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero grabbed the top spot at the box office for its first week as Top Gun: Maverick perform a new feat.

Great expectation and mistrust were in order for fans of dragonball this week. Akira Toriyama’s manga, always adapted and declined for television and cinema, remains one of the most popular in the world and its radius of international influence is not the least. He proves it once again with his new film, Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes, which for its first week at the US box office is off to a very good start and is at the top of the rankings. It would have indeed raised 20 million dollars on American soil for its launch, which is just a little less than Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train, another Japanese animated film with great success in theaters.

A score which is not insignificant and helped by an excellent distribution from Crunchyroll which distributes the film in more than 3000 cinemas in the United States (which is still less than Beast and Bullet Train). Moreover, the interest in such animated films seems to be still growing outside of Japan and represents a business that is increasingly taken seriously by distributors. To compare, Dragon Ball Super: Broly released in 2019 in the United States, had only made $ 9 million for its US launch and was distributed in just over 1,000 theaters. Beyond the qualities or defects of Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroit’s a notable triumph for the franchise and its operation.

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Another novelty of the week, taking second place in the ranking: it is beast, who takes advantage of a rather calm competition to make an honest score. The unusual duel between Idris Elba and a particularly massive lion would have brought in more than 11 million dollars in its first weekend. A score up to what is expected of the genre in general: the survival film against a killer alligator Crawl started at $12 million in 2019. Despite showing in more than 3,700 theaters, Beast stay well below dragonball and even achieves an average per cinema lower than the much less distributed Esther 2: Origins. No doubt that Universal does not hold its next big success there.

Former first in the ranking (but he was already skating a little), Bullet Train is eventually demoted to third place. Despite its status as a crazy and cool blockbuster of the summer, it still fails to convince in theaters, at least not up to expectations. With the 8 million it would have brought in for its third week of operation, Bullet Train is far from the 100 million accumulated on its own soil. However, it manages to exceed them at the worldwide box office, which allows it to reimburse its estimated budget of 90 million dollars.. No flop on the horizon, but difficult to speak of success.

In fourth place, we no longer present it. Top Gun: Maverick continues to affirm and reaffirm that it is the biggest triumph of the year by still appearing in the top 5 at the box office even though it is already in its thirteenth week of operation. Only billionaire movie of 2022, still at present (Jurassic World: The World After has not yet managed to exceed this bar despite his perseverance), this week Top Gun: Maverick achieves a new feat and exceeds the domestic revenue ofAvengers: Infinity War. It thus becomes the sixth biggest hit at the American box office. with the impressive total of 683 million dollars, approximately, on US soil.

Finally, in fifth position, we find Krypto and the Super Animals which does not perform better than last week and already seems on the verge of leaving the top 5 at the box office. Only in its fourth week of operation, the animated film would have brought in only $5.7 million this week and would earn just over $67 million in cumulative revenue. In fact, the animated film sees itself becoming, in the same way as Bullet Trainone of the semi-disappointments of this end of summer.

Beyond the top 5, Thor: Love and Thunder has already left it, bringing in just over 4 million this week (not far off from what Doctor Strange 2 the same period) out of 330 million in cumulative revenue. In seventh place, the very good Boop remains Jordan Peele’s shyest success and not one of Universal’s biggest assets even if it manages, with more than 100 million domestic receipts in all, to lead its boat better than Bullet Train. A small victory for the genre film against the classic blockbuster. Universal will see more concrete success in The minions 2, however,

The animated film, in its eighth week, stands in eighth place with 350 million in total revenue. It’s the company’s second-biggest hit this year (Universal is actually achieving the best numbers of 2022 so far) and it’s the highest score for an animated film in 2022. In ninth place, Where the crayfish sing would still rake in $3.5 million in its sixth week of release, out of a cumulative $77 million, which is pretty good for the movie. While finally Onesies Onesies Onesies struggled to take off in the third week, at only 7 million cumulative, but regained a thousand theaters for a second chance.

End of summer still quite quiet for American cinemas which see their blockbusters slowly decline while new releases do not make sensational entries either. The remarkable success of this weekend, Dragon Ball: Super Hero, should remain a small phenomenon for a few weekends, but will probably not persist in the top for long, aimed at an audience of enthusiasts who will not stay in theaters for the long term. In the absence of a serious competitor, it is always Top Gun: Maverick which is talked about and remains the real winner of the top box office.

Next week is the excellent Three thousand years waiting for you, the new film by George Miller, which could however trigger the surprise and upset the ranking a bit, while The Samaritan with Sylvester Stallone also has its chances of causing a certain enthusiasm by bringing together the actor with the superhero genre.