US box office: The Secret of The Lost City dethrones The Batman and RRR rocks the house

the juggernaut The Batman was dethroned by The Secret of the Lost City while RRR got off to a good start.

After three weeks of reigning over the American box office, The Batman by Matt Reeves loses his throne in favor of Secret of the Lost City. The new film by Adam and Aaron Nee, produced by Paramount, therefore hits $31 million for its opening weekend. An honorable start although below the other recent getaway in search of hidden treasure, Unchartedwhich began operations with over $44 million in revenue.

Paramount’s action-adventure comedy managed to clinch the top spot, however, certainly thanks to its five-star cast composed, in particular, of Channing Tatum, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt. Despite this first place and its large alloy of cinemas (4,253), there is a good chance that the feature film will not maintain its lead for long in the face of the solid competition in the weeks to come (Morbius, sonic 2)…

Adventure cinema according to Channing Tatum

Moreover, with about $10 million less in revenue, the Dark Knight played by Robert Pattinson still continues to chart his course by raising $20.5 million this week. A score higher than that of The Dark Knight Rises ($18,979,397), but lower than The Dark Knight ($26,117,030) at the same stage of its operation. The Batman thus accumulates 331,951,000 dollars on American soil, thus exceeding Batman v Superman and his cumulative total of $330,360,194 in 2016.

Behind the Dark Knight, the new film by SS Rajamouli, RRRcomes out on top with $9.5 million for its start-up, i.e. a very nice score for an Indian film. Indeed, the international card – the filmmaker’s previous feature film – The Legend of Baahubali: Part 2 had a start of more than 10 million dollars in 2017, accumulating at the end of its operation nearly 255 million dollars.

To see if the completely crazy RRR will make such a nice journey on this territory, knowing that the feature film has a larger mix of rooms than Baahubali 2 (1200 against 425 cinemas).

RRR: pictureA great success for Rajamouli’s new crazy trip?

In fourth place at the American box office, we find the last film directed by Ruben Fleischer, Uncharted, which is raising just over $5 million this week. The action film with Tom Holland therefore continues its progression by keeping a decent pace since the film only saw its receipts drop by around 36% compared to last weekend. A long-distance race that does not seem about to stop immediately, even though the time of the feature film in the top 5 is starting to be counted.

Likewise, the phenomenon Jujutsu Kaisen 0 seems to have quickly evaporated after a first rush in American cinemas. Indeed, the prequel to the eponymous saga created by mangaka Gege Akutami saw its revenue drop by 69.1% compared to its start weekend, this time collecting only $4,579,727.

Note that the other huge success of a Japanese animated feature film, Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train, had also suffered a similar decline in its second week of operation in 2021 (69.5%).

Jujutsu Kaisen 0: pictureThe hard law short-lived success

Out of the top 5 of the most beautiful scores of the week, we find the horror film X of Ti West, the new feature film produced by the production and distribution company A24. The film cumulates in two weeks 8.6 million dollars in the US. a score far from the more than 17 million dollars collected by the studio independent cinema with sound The Green Knight, released on Amazon in France this year (even if it’s not totally comparable).

Still at A24, moreover, the limited release of their very recent Everything Everywhere All at Once seems rather well on its way to intrigue during its national release – scheduled for April 8 – the film surpassing the score of the horror film with only 10 theaters ummah which has 805. Indeed, the first collected 509,659 dollars this weekend, where the film by Iris K. Shim only collected 460,414 during its second week of exploitation.

Foto Mia Goth, Martin HendersonMood The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for Ti West

In the news section, we also find Infinite Storm. Snowy drama starring Naomi Watts rakes in $751,296 for its start, slotting in between All on stage 2 and Death on the Nile, in tenth place in the ranking of the week. Finally, note that the famous Spider-Man: No Way Home raised $2 million this weekend, enough to break a new record, as it did widely used since the beginning of its operation.

To see if the Spider-Man aura will overflow on Sony’s new production, Morbiuswho hits theaters around the world this week.