US box office: Top Gun Maverick stronger than Infinity War

Top Gun Maverick stronger than Infinity War, Dragon Ball Super 2 at the top… Discover the complete ranking of the weekend box office in the United States.


It’s moving to the top of the box office rankings this weekend in the United States. Bullet Train must cede its leadership position to make way for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero which largely takes the lead in the Top 10. According to initial estimates from Box-office Mojo, the sequel to Dragon Ball Super has already accumulated $20 million in one weekend.

Compared to other recent Japanese anime, it’s almost as much as Dragon Ball Super: Broly, released on a Wednesday in 2019 ($20.2M), 11% less than 2021’s Demon Slayer ($22.7M). M$) but 11% more than Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (18 M$), released last March“, as pointed out by our colleagues from Boxoffice Pro. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be released in France on October 5th.

Another novelty comes in second place: Beast follows a man-eating lion, who will hunt down Idris Elba and his family. The film will arrive on our screens this Wednesday.

Brad Pitt and his Bullet Train must now settle for the 3rd step of the podium. David Leitch’s film continues to lead Top Gun Maverick, now 4th. The film starring Tom Cruise has set a new record: it now exceeds Avengers Infinity War at the US box office, with a total of 683,375,000 dollars. Avengers Infinity War, meanwhile, totals $678,815,482 so far.

The rest of the classification is unchanged. The Horror Comedy Onesies Onesies Onesies, distributed by the prestigious A24 studio across the Atlantic, closes the top 10 this week. The film follows a group of rich young people planning a party at a family mansion and launching a game that will become deadly…. Discover the trailer of the film, still undated for France.

Source: Box Office Mojo