Vampire in the Garden: a magical and bloody trailer for the Netflix anime

The new Netflix anime, vampire in the gardenby Ryotaro Makihara, is revealed in a bloody and magical trailer.

With in its catalog Japanese animation series as well known as naruto, Hunter x Hunter or Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train, Netflix seems to be more and more interested in anime. The platform has even recently produced original series, including 7SEEDS. With his new series directed by Ryotaro Makihara, the creator of The Empire of Corpses and of HalNetflix is ​​no doubt hoping to find the right vein.

The Japanese animator, who also worked as a storyboarder on The attack of the Titansreturns to the realization with Vampire in the Garden, an animated series that tells the magical encounter between a young human named Momo and Fine, the queen of vampires. The series produced in collaboration with Netflix and WIT STUDIO, reveals to us a very promising trailer, halfway between horror and magic.

The trailer shows us Momo, a young girl at the end of her tether in a city of fire and blood. By dropping a kind of music box, Momo seems to have freed a strange woman with long white hair. The synopsis reveals that this mysterious woman is Fine, a vampire. We quickly understand thata fierce war between humans and vampires. The two women go in search of Eden, a place where the two races could live together in harmony.

The very nice music composed by Yoshihiro Ike brings to this trailer a gently tragic tone that seems to announce that the quest of the two characters will be strewn with pitfalls and could prove impossible. We find in the design of the characters, Tetsuya Nishio, head of animation of the recent The stag kingbut also of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.

A vampire and a human to save the world

With this experienced team,vampire in the garden seems set to make its spectators dream. In any case, this is what the trailer suggests, as interesting visually as it is audibly. To find out if the heroines will find Eden and manage to reunite humans and vampires, we will have to wait until May 16, 2022 on Netflix.