Wakanim will disappear in France, here’s where to find Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer

While anime have never been so numerous, and so viewed as today, the war for their monopoly is raging. And as such, Crunchyroll has just won a battle. A news that should delight subscribers to multiple offers.

An operation started in 2020

If there were several VOD platforms specializing in the distribution of anime, the list has just been reduced since Sony, via Crunchyroll, the most popular American brand internationally, has just struck a blow for the monopoly of the sector.

By the end of 2020, Sony had bought Crunchyroll, formerly owned by AT&T, for the sum of $ 1.1 billion, with the objective of becoming the king of anime internationally. A few months later, Crunchyroll took over ADN, a major French broadcaster, and was therefore attached to Sony.

Wakanim will disappear in France heres where to find Attack

A very bite crunchy

There remained then a big customer for Sony and Crunchyroll: Wakanim. But that is now over, since the American giant has just swallowed the content of the platform and thus recover the series and films from the catalog. In a press release sent this Tuesday, March 1, the CEO of Crunchyroll, Colin Decker, announced the merger of the two entities, which will give birth to the largest Japanese anime catalog in the world :

For years, anime fans have had to pay multiple subscriptions to watch all of their simulcast, subtitled, or dubbed programs. When we brought together Wakanim and Crunchyroll last year, our absolute goal was to put fans first, and so that had to change. Today marks the first step in delivering on that promise and I’m extremely happy to say that finally the fans are winning!”

Thus it will now finally be possible for Crunchyroll subscribers to view series previously exclusive to its competitor, for a subscription price that has remained unchanged (4.99 euros per month, or 6.99 euros for the Premium plan). So there will be no more news on Wakanim and only new episodes of ongoing series will be on the red logo streamer. In addition, Wakanim premium members will receive an email to obtain an exceptional offer of 60 free days on Crunchyroll.

Lens Number 1 at Sony

For Sony, this is therefore a big blow and an important strategic positioning in the battle for anime streaming. We know thattoday, the Japanese multinational therefore owns three different brands positioned on animation streaming: Crunchyroll, Wakanim and 50% DNA.

All your anime finally reunited! Wakanim and Funimation are officially moving to Crunchyroll. #AnimeNextLevel

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March 1, 2022

This union should allow the manga specialist to better compete with Disney and Amazon Prime Video, but especially with Netflixwhich also broadcasts the biggest anime of the moment, either Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer Where Naruto.

The growing appetite of traditional actors is driving up the cost of programs. “In this competitive climate, having the support of Sony is fantastic, it will give us more resources and power“, explained this summer to our colleagues from Figaro John Easum, the Europe and Middle East director of Crunchyroll.

In this battle against Netflix, Crunchyroll has also just been integrated as a free download into the Nintendo Switch eShop, which is not the case for the N rouge platform.