Wendy’s Crosses Over With Demon Slayer Via Wild Anime Reference

Wendy’s has had its fair share of crossovers with popular pop culture franchises in the past, one of the most notable being Adult Swim’s. rick and morty. Now the fast food establishment has done a major anime crossover, delving into the world of demon slayer by sharing a hilarious new version of Nezuko from the Shonen series. With anime becoming a big thing here in the West, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are diving into the medium.

This year, the second season of demon slayer ended via the Arc Entertainment District. In this arc, Tanjiro and his friends teamed up with the Sound Hashira known as Tengen Uzui, seeking to eliminate the demonic siblings known as Gyutaro and Daki. Ending in spectacular fashion, the anime studio behind the anime adaptation, Ufotable, took the opportunity to quickly confirm that a third season would arrive in 2023. Set to adapt the Swordsmith Village arc when the television series, expect major moments to take place with new Hashira explored in this upcoming arc.

The official Wendy’s Twitter account shared the hilarious crossover with demon slayerreplacing one of Nezuko’s mouth guards with one of the fast food chain’s items in a team that certainly won’t make it into the anime adaptation’s future:


The Demon Slayer Corps may continue their adventures in the anime adaptation, but the story of demon slayer has already ended in the Shonen manga. As of now, series creator Koyoharu Gotouge has yet to reveal if there will be any sequels to the series, although there are plenty of fans who would love to return to Tanjiro’s universe and of his friends.

While a new season, as previously mentioned, is set to arrive next year, there’s also no word if demon slayer will return to the big screen, though given that Mugen’s Train became the number one animated movie of all time, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising to see a new movie in the series eventually.

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