What are the best-selling manga in 2022? – melty

Each year, Oricon, Japan’s statistics site, publishes manga sales results. Which manga do you think sold the most in 2022?

We are already in December. You are certainly preparing to celebrate Christmas and you may be looking for gift ideas. Maybe you’re thinking about going trip to japan shortly ? But with the end of the year fast approaching, it’s time to take stock of manga sales in the land of the rising sun. As every year, the site Oricon, a Japanese statistics site, publishes sales results for many areas, including manga. And it would seem that the results have recently leaked on social networks.

Last year, the three best-selling manga were Jujutsu Kaisen in first place, Demon Slayer in seconds and tokyo revenge, which has just been completed, in third. In 2022, one of the most talked about manga is chain saw man, do you think he will make it to the podium? Come on, let’s take stock of the 10 best-selling manga in 2022!

#10 – Kaiju #8 at Crunchyroll – 🆕

Published since the end of 2020, landed in France in 2021, Kaiju #8, by MATSUMOTO Naoya, entered the TOP 10 best-selling manga in Japan in 2022. The title would account for 3,139,803 copies sold over the year. In France, Kaiju #8 had made a sensational entrance, in particular thanks to a major communication campaign. Fans had notably been able to discover the BNF (National Library of France) in Paris in the colors of the manga. If you liked The attack of the Titans, Kaiju #8 should please you! Especially since an anime was announced last August, although we still have little news on that side!

#9 – Don’t Call it Mystery at Noeve Grafx – 🆕

It is also a new entry in the TOP 10 best-selling manga. Don’t Call it Mystery is, in France, a rather discreet series published since 2021 by Noeve Grafx. Detective Conan, a great classic of the manga universe, has a lot to worry about. Indeed, if you grew up with this series, Don’t Call it Mystery you should like it very much. We follow a daily detective mixing the characteristics of Conan and those of Sherlock Holmes, but in the modern era. The title was sold, in 2022, to the tune of 3,140,861 copies. No doubt that with such results, the series should attract more than one in France, and that’s good! A drama Don’t Call it Mystery has also emerged.

#8 – Chainsaw Man at Crunchyroll – ⬇️ 1 spot vs 2021

Last year, chain saw man was 7th in the manga best-selling chart with 5.2 million copies sold. This year, the title of Tatsuki Fujimoto, whose anime started on Crunchyroll in October, is in 8th place with 3,438,930 copies. A particularly honorable place since the manga was on hiatus for just over six months. But have no fear! If you’re a fan of the series, sales should explode, if not already, with the anime. By the way, did you know that a pop-up store was set up in October in Japan? chain saw man should very clearly mark his generation.

#7 – Blue Lock at Pika Edition -🆕

If you are here Football World Cup 2022you must have heard of the Blue Lock Project. Well know that this trend has its origins straight from the manga Blue Lockpublished in France by Pika Edition. The manga enters the TOP of the best manga sales this year at the 7th position with 3,548,238 copies sold! This title, mixing football and battle royal, has succeeded in largely proving its worth. A first season of the anime is also being broadcast on Crunchyroll, if you are ever too lazy to read. But have faith Blue Lock is a manga not to be missed and should become a true classic in the years to come.

#6 – Kingdom at Meian – ⬆️ 3 places vs 2021

Series Kingdompublished in France by Meian, is a regular in the TOP 10. Last year, she was in 9th position with 4.6 million copies sold. This year, the series rose in the rankings, but sold fewer volumes. Indeed, we count in all, for 2022, 3,832,688 volumes sold for Kingdom. Several articles indeed mentioned a drop in sales in the manga and here we have the proof. Kingdom is one of the most popular titles of recent years and yet, although still present in the TOP 10, it seems to appeal less to readers than before.

#5 – My Hero Academia at Ki-oon – 🟰 vs 2021

Kohei Horikoshi’s series should soon come to an end, initially scheduled for 2022. My Hero Academiawhose sixth season premiered in October on Crunchyroll, retains its 5th place in the rankings with 5,535,782 copies sold. Just like for Kingdomthere is a drop in sales for My Hero Academia which had sold, in 2021, 7.02 million copies, moreover exceeding the sales of the monster One Piece. Obviously, some series have taken the lead in the wing.

#4 – One Piece at Glénat – ⬆️ 2 places vs 2021

One Piece is, like every year, present in the TOP 10 of the best manga sales of the year. Last year, the series was overtaken by My Hero Academia and ended up in 6th position with 7 million copies sold. This year, Eiichiro Oda’s manga is back in force and recovers the 4th position in the ranking and even sees its sales increase. Indeed, in 2022, 10,364,102 copies of One Piece were sold in Japan. As a reminder, the year 2022 was particularly important for the series since it was celebrating its 25th anniversary. An animated movie, One Piece: Redwas also released in French cinemas during the summer.

#3 – Spy x Family at Kurokawa – ⬆️ 5 places vs 2021

For the second consecutive year, Spy x Family is present in the ranking of the best manga sales. Except that in comparison with 2021, the series took a huge leap and went from 8th to 3rd position. Sales also experienced significant growth, rising from 4.9 million to 10,600,571 copies sold! A real success for this series, the second part of the first season of which has been broadcast since October on Crunchyroll.

#2 – Tokyo Revengers at Glénat – ⬆️ 1 place vs 2021

tokyo revenge recently concluded with its final chapter. And the series could not finish better in terms of sales since it went from 3rd to 2nd place in the ranking. The series nevertheless receives a significant drop in sales. In 2021, Oricon accounted for 24.9 million copies of tokyo revenge sold. In 2022, there are 11,048,067 copies sold in Japan. If some series manage to double their sales, others seem to show big drops.

#1 – Jujutsu Kaisen at Ki-oon – 🟰 vs 2021

Next to My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen is the only series to have kept its place. Still the best-selling manga in Japan, the series is also the victim of lower sales than 2021. Indeed, last year, Jujutsu Kaisen recorded 30.9 million copies sold against 12,282,260 in 2022. Sales almost divided by three. In comparison with 2019, we notice a return of sales to a rather pre-COVID level. Like what, the manga industry still managed to get out of the game during this chaotic period by reaching peaks in certain series.