What are the most powerful Hashira (Pillars) of Demon Slayer

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer), is one of the most striking anime and manga series in the industry and it has a large number of confrontations that have managed to keep us on the edge of the seat, with the Demon Slayer Corps as those in charge of facing them, this was founded by the Ubuyashiki family more than 1,000 years ago.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, within this organization, we can find many skilled swordsmen, with great talent and who risk their lives every day to kill the demons created by Muzan Kibutsuji.

This organization of Demon Hunters is divided into ranks, which determine not only the user’s skill, but also the salary they will receive for their services. Currently, the ranks are, from lowest to highest:

  • Mizunoto
  • Mizuonoe
  • Kanoto
  • kanoe
  • Tsuchinoto
  • Tsuchinoe
  • hinoto
  • hinoe
  • Kinoto
  • kinoe

The more demons they kill and the better they perform on missions, the Hunters can rank up. However, the most outstanding of all, although they do not appear on this list, are the Hashiras or Pillars. The Hashira (Pillars) are the elite group within the Demon Hunter organization.

This team is made up of the most skilled swordsmen, with a lot of talent and combat skills, which have allowed them to defeat many demons and even, in some cases, Lower Moons and Upper Moons. In the period covered by the Kimetsu no Yaiba manga, we meet 9 Pillars, which have special characteristics and abilities that go beyond ordinary swordsmen.

Also, these have unique personalities. To become a Pillar, a Hunter must kill a total of 50 demons. Although there is another way to join this group and that is by eliminating one of the 12 Demonic Moons created by Muzan, which is not an easy task at all.

Who is the strongest Hashira?

The Pillars are the most talented and capable Demon Hunters within the organization, you already know that. However, within this small group, there are also some members who are more powerful than others. And if you have seen the anime, you may have wondered which is the strongest of all.

Next, we will tell you which is the strongest Hashira. It should be noted that, within this group, none is weak, but there are members who are more powerful and have more skills than others, so we are telling you about a major manga spoiler.

Gyomei Himejima – The Pillar of Stone

Hands down, the strongest Hashira of them all is Gyomei Himejima, the Pillar of Stone. And he is recognized as such by everyone within the group. He not only possesses great physical strength, but is also very experienced in combat and talented in handling his weapon, which is not a sword, but an ax attached by chains to a spiked ball.

Gyomei faced off against Upper Moon One. Although it is true that he had help from other Pillars, such as Sanemi and Muichiro, he was the one who performed the best against Kokushibo and who could have been close to matching him. In addition, Himejima woke up and managed to overcome the curse of the Hunter’s Marks, because once they are activated, users will not be able to live beyond 25 years.

Despite being blind, Himejima has trained the rest of his senses. He has quick reflexes, great strength, talent for battles, he is intelligent. All in all, Gyomei has what it takes to be considered the strongest Pillar of his generation. He even got praise from Upper Moon One and Muzan himself.