What can Daki’s belt do in Demon Slayer?

The next story arc Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has begun, and the Entertainment District is quickly adding many new and exciting concepts and abilities to the war of demons against assassins.

Tengen Uzui, el Sound Hashira from Demon Slayer, proved that demon hunters can recruit teams of ninjas to fight on their behalf, and Daki upped the ante with his unique cloth belts.

Daki es Upper Moon Six, and has an amazing weapon to combine. She dresses up as an oiran, or courtesan, in a kimono and matching fabric belts. During battle, Daki can use his belt as a flexible tool, and he can do much more than just reach out and grab his enemies.

Tanjiro and his friends have seen for themselves what Daki’s belt can really do. Next, The Truth News explains everything about this mysterious and terrifying accessory. Remember that you can catch up with the anime Demon Slayer en Crunchyroll, Funimation Y Netflix (only season 1).

Daki’s belt in Demon Slayer, explained

Demon Slayer Daki Anime

Imagen: Ufotable / Daki Upper Moon Six en Demon Slayer

At first, Daki kept his cover as Yatamahime The Oiran, but when Tanjiro and Tengen’s squad showed up, Daki fought back and had much more than his claws at his disposal. He’s already used his cloth belts to ensnare his enemies and contain them, which is an obvious use for a belt-like weapon, but he can do so much more.

In the most recent episode of Demon Slayer, Daki fought Tanjiro with nothing but his special belt, and that alone was enough for her to stand up to Tanjiro’s best techniques, including his flame-based Hinokami Kagura technique.

Daki’s belt (the webs coming out of his body) can branch into four independent arms, all coming out of his mid-back, and he can attack his enemies with these four “arms” and break through their defenses.

It’s hard even for Tanjiro to deflect four weapons coming from different directions, and if he wants, Daki can use two of his belt arms as extra legs and improve his stability.

This fighting style may remind Spider-Man fans of Doctor Octopus and his four mechanical arms, including instances where Doc Ock uses his two lower arms as legs to keep himself stable while launching heavy attacks.

Daki’s belts are effective for blunt blows and grappling attacks, but as the recent episode showed, they can also form sharp, slashing edges, enough to sever any demon hunter’s head.

Demons don’t usually wield swords, but in a way, Daki has four, and these “swords” have a far longer reach than any Nichirin or non-dachi blades a human can wield.

Daki can slash all four of his belt-arms in the air at high speed, slicing his enemies before they realize what’s happening. Remember that Demon Slayer Yukaku-hen shows Zenitsu’s true potential by fighting Daki’s belt.

Defensive functions of the Daki belt

Demon Slayer Daki Anime

Image: Ufotable / Daki Belt in Demon Slayer

Daki’s belt can fulfill additional functions to capture live human prey and defend the hidden underground lair of Daki from outsiders like Inosuke Hashibira. His belt is almost spider-like, capturing live prey and storing it intact but defenseless in a hidden lair for later consumption.

In a vague sense, this use of Daki’s belt is reminiscent of Rui and his family of spiders, with spiders using silk to wrap their captured prey and store it for later. Daki is like an evolution of Lower Moon Five; a completely new predator that lacks all of Rui’s weaknesses.

She is a huntress Tanjiro’s squad has never seen, and it’s all thanks to her belt. Only an elite demon slayer could free the humans captured within that belt and get away with it.

Daki’s belt can even operate independently and defend the underground lair on its own. In this mode, Daki’s belt has a face and can speak, and he even seems to have his own personality while fighting.

No other demon has ever wielded a weapon like this and in particular it may remind anime fans of the Remote Operated Stands found in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Black Sabbath is a prime example: a darkness-wielding Stand that fought Giorno Giovanna of its own accord while its owner was away, and could even speak. In that sense, Daki is Demon Slayer’s first Stand user, and even this might not be Daki’s final trick with his belt.

If pressed, Daki will no doubt find another strange use for this extraordinary garment, proving exactly why he is among the Upper Moons of Muzan. On the other hand, Demon Slayer Yukaku-hen Episode 6 features Nezuko’s Awakened Form vs Daki.

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