What happened to Akaza after the Demon Slayer arc Mugen Train?

The Mugen Train arc from the Demon Slayer anime It has finally come to an end in season two, with the heroes and villains of the Shonen series picking up the pieces of the devastating battles that took place.

As Tanjiro and his friends embark on an attempt to learn more about the technique known as Breath of the Sun, The Entertainment District arc reveals Akaza’s fate and the problems he now faces after his battle against him Hashira de la Llama, Rengoku Kyojuro.

During the events of Mugen Train, Akaza appeared after the murder of Enmu, the lower level demon who placed Tanjiro, Rengoku, Inosuke, and Zenitsu in dreams where their wildest wishes were granted. Previously, we reported in The Truth News that Demon Slayer leads the trends on Twitter after releasing new episodes.

What moon is Akaza?

Demon Skayer Akaza Luna Superior Three

Photo: Ufotable – Akaza Luna Superior Tres

Akaza is the Upper Moon Three, a demon who can view fighting as fun, but that doesn’t stop him from unleashing some wildly powerful attacks and being responsible for Rengoku’s death. For more information, you can read about Akaza and the 12 Kizuki that appear in Mugen Train explained.

During the final moments of their titanic fight, Akaza was forced to flee before he could kill Tanjiro and his young companions, throwing himself into the forest to make a hasty retreat while facing certain death thanks to the wounds he received from his battle against Rengoku, as well as the rays of the sun closing in on him.

Akaza and Muzan scene in Demon Slayer

At the start of the Entertainment District arc, we see that Muzan Kibutsuji has decided to take the form of a child, seemingly placing himself in the home of a wealthy businessman while dealing with demonic business at the same time.

As Akaza relays the results of his battle during the Mugen Train arc to Muzan, the number one demon demonstrates his power by nearly killing the hard-hitting demon with the lift of a finger.

Claiming that it is a failure that he was unable to eliminate all the members of the Demon Slayer Corps, Akaza leaves his master’s residence and sets out to fulfill his task.

Tanjiro still has a long way to go before he can get a chance to eliminate Akaza, especially considering that Rengoku finally died in the face of this top-tier demon’s abilities.

Although the protagonist of Shonen is learning more about Sun Breathing, it is clear that he will need to learn as quickly as possible not only to eliminate Akaza, but also his boss Muzan. Finally, we remind you that you can watch Demon Slayer anime on Crunchyroll, in its original Japanese language with Spanish subtitles.

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