What real weapon is the whip of Mitsuri, the Pillar of Love inspired by?

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Fans of the popular Demon Slayer anime series have undoubtedly fallen in love with the show’s high-intensity action sequences. The fights against the demons are getting more and more intense, and the main actors of Demon Slayer are getting stronger and stronger. They recently shot down one of the Upper Moons, a feat that hadn’t been done in hundreds of years. Unfortunately, this fight also caused a lot of injuries and damage, including broken Nichirin swords.

Tanjiro then goes to the swordsmith village to ask Haganezuka for another sword, but the isolated village comes under surprise attack from Upper Moons Four and Five, causing all available Demon Slayer Corps to protect it. While most members of the Demon Slayer Corps wield a Nichirin sword, some of them have a unique weapon that suits their fighting style perfectly. This is the case of the sword-whip wielded by the adorable and ferocious Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji. While this weapon may seem entirely fictional, it actually has a real-life counterpart.

Mitsuri’s sword whip looks a lot like the Urumi

Kanroji’s sword could be inspired by urumi. The urumi is a type of sword that originated in southern India and is thought to have been used since ancient times. It consists of a long and flexible blade, which can measure up to two meters, and a handle that allows the user to swing and manipulate the blade in different directions. The urumi’s blade is usually made of flexible steel, which makes it similar to a whip in terms of flexibility and range of motion. Effective use of this weapon requires a great deal of skill and training, as the blade can easily injure the wielder if not handled properly.

The urumi has been used for various purposes throughout history, especially for war and martial arts competitions. Today it is still used in some forms of martial arts, but it is also considered a rare and exotic weapon. It is often reserved for demonstrations and exhibitions.

Kanroji uses his whip sword with extreme skill

Like the urumi, Kanroji’s sword is long and flexible, allowing him to attack opponents from a distance and from unexpected angles. His sword is also incredibly sharp, capable of slicing through many demons with ease.. Of course, as Hashira, Kanroji masters his weapon in an exemplary way. The weapon suits her fighting style and personality perfectly, as she is both graceful and agile in battle, but also fierce and unyielding. His sword allows him to attack from unexpected angles and leave his opponents wondering about his next move.

The uniqueness of Kanroji’s sword makes Demon Slayer action scenes more interesting. After all, the variety of combat styles of a single weapon type is limited. By incorporating other types of blades into its arsenal, the series manages to expand the palette of moves it can offer. Also, viewers wonder what kind of weapon the other Hashiras use.