What RPG fans can expect from the anime adaptation!

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Created by HoYoverse, Genshin Impact is an RPG-style adventure game where players can obtain new characters, fight monsters, and explore various regions. The game has amassed a large fanbase over the past two years since its release, and it has been confirmed that the game will have an anime adaptation.

HoYoverse collaborates with UFotable, the studio behind many popular series like Demon Slayer and Fate Zero. The subject of the Genshin Impact anime has yet to be confirmed, but considering the amount of story and content the game has already produced, there is scope for a long-running series.

Genshin Impact game has a unique story and characters!

At the very start of the Genshin Impact game, players are thrown into the middle of a battle. The twin travelers, Lumine and Aether, confront an unknown divine entity. Depending on which sibling the player chooses, the other is taken by the enemy. The traveler wakes up in a forest where he meets the mysterious Paimon, teams up and embarks on a grand journey through Teyvat to find the missing sibling. Along the way, the traveler encounters many unique individuals and learns about the powers of the mysterious visions. Players can choose either sibling. It is therefore unknown whether the Genshin Impact anime will follow Lumine or Aether.

The game itself is divided into different Archon quests; each one advances the storyline, unlocking new regions, items, and bosses. If the anime follows the game, each season or arc will follow the Archon quests. After Mondstadt, the anime will follow the stories of Liyue, Inazuma, and eventually Sumeru, giving Genshin Impact the potential to be a long-running series.

Teyvat is a unique world to explore!

Genshin Impact game currently has qFour playable regions: Mondstadt (Anemo), Liyue (Geo), Inazuma (Electro) and Sumeru (Dendro). Each of them is home to its powerful Archons, divine beings who can give people visions to control the elements. Eventually, Fontaine (Hydro), Natlan (Pyro) and Snezhnaya (Cryo) will also become available regions.

In Mondstadt, travelers meet the Knights of Favonius, a strange bard named Venti, and learn the secrets of the Archon of Anemo, Barbados and Stormterror, Dvalin. Liyue explores the history of Rex Lapis, while Inazuma reveals how the beloved Archon Electro became a corrupted being.

Sumeru’s recent release allowed players to uncover the truth behind the Archon Dendro’s disappearance. Throughout the stories, Genshin Impact also alludes to the Traveler’s ties to Celestia – the residence of the gods – and the mysterious country Khaenri’ah which was destroyed 500 years before the current events of the game.

The Genshin Impact anime will have different voice acting!

HoYoverse is a Chinese company, but the video game features voiceover options for its characters in Japanese, Korean, and English. Genshin Impact Characters Are Performed by several famous actors, like Todd Haberkorn, the voice of Razor. Haberkorn is well known for his roles as Natsu Dragneel in Fairy Tail and Death the Kid in Soul Eater. Zhongli is played by Keith Silverstein, who is also behind Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter.

Japanese actress Miyuki Sawashiro plays Raiden’s Shogun. She has lent her voice to many popular characters, including Daki in Demon Slayer and Kirari Momobami in Kakegurui. The Genshin Impact anime will likely use the in-game voice actors, which will quickly provide multiple voice acting options.

Not much is known about the plot of the anime just yet, but Genshin Impact has the potential to be a long, action-packed adventure. No release date has been set for the anime, but the game is playable on Microsoft, IOS, Android and Playstation to the delight of fans.