What we know about “Chainsaw Man” – Season 2: the appearance of Reze as a guarantee of an upcoming animation

it ended its first season as one of the most outstanding anime of 2022. The adaptation of the series, which can be seen on Crunchyroll, satisfied the followers of the, despite the fact that there was a group that requested a new adaptation of this installment. The first installment of the fiction culminated in its 12th chapter and raised the question if the program will be renewed with a .

The last episode had post-credits scenes after the opening number 12. It looks like she left him so that he could take revenge without remorse. The devil hunter goes out to his balcony, after having dinner with Dejin and Power, and consumes the last gift from his partner.

After that, there is a very revealing short clip that gave hope to the followers of . The character of Reze appears briefly, with a voice that would be from the seiyuu Queen Uedawho also plays Kanao in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

No, the animation studio, which is also in charge of “Shingeki no Kioyjin” (“Attack on Titan”)did not share any announcement about the continuation of the anime, neither in chapter 12 nor on its official networks and platforms.

Denji and Power during the ending theme 12 of “Chainsaw Man” (Photo: MAPPA)


Although there was no official announcement about the future of the Chainsaw Man animethe followers of the series put all their hopes in the last clip where it appears Reze asking a key question for those who read that part of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga.

The appearance of the young woman and the place where she works, the place where she will meet Denji, is the only guarantee that the Chainsaw fandom can cling tobecause it means that already the arc that follows what has been seen in season 1 of the anime would have been animated. What remains to be confirmed is whether it is a season 2 or a movie or some other format.

The fact that Reze comes out and speaks at the end of chapter 12 could be an indirect announcement from MAPPA to the viewers, confirming what has already been reported in rumors and leaks: that “Chainsaw Man” would continue to be encouraged after the first season.

Reze in her first anime appearance (Photo: MAPPA)

Reze in her first anime appearance (Photo: MAPPA)


Here the spoiler is inevitable but we will try not to tell everything. Reze is a young woman that Denji will meet after the Katana Man arc.. And it will be another strong female figure in the mind of the protagonistafter he has a more personal approach with Makima.

However, nothing is what it seems in Reze’s behavior. It hides more than one secret and its development is one of the best in the manga of Chainsaw Manso it is one of the favorite characters of the readers of Tatsuki Fujimoto.


The “Chainsaw Man” anime completed its first season with 12 chapters. The version of MAPPA, which is available on Crunchyroll, can be viewed online through this .

Here you can see the trailer for “Chainsaw Man”:

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Denji is a demon hunter from the Department of Public Security who works with Pochita, the chainsaw demon, to pay off the debts left to him by his father. He is characterized by being fearless and confident, in addition, he hates thinking about things and is always loyal to his wishes. .

Denji turned into the Chainsaw Demon in "Chainsaw Man" (Photo: MAPPA)

Denji as the Chainsaw Demon in “Chainsaw Man” (Photo: MAPPA)