Where To Read The Demon Slayer Manga After The Anime Ends

Few series have captured the imagination in recent years like demon slayer. The series has been incredibly successful and fans can’t wait to see more of it animated. However, if you want to get ahead of the anime or relive a classic moment, we’ve got all the info on where to read the demon slayer manga after anime.

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Where did the anime leave off in the Demon Slayer manga?

Season 2 of demon slayerlatest anime content, fits up to manga chapter 97.

Chapter 97, titled No Matter How Many Lives Part 2round the Entertainment District Arc. The chapter also ends volume 11 of the manga.

If you want to start reading demon slayer where the anime left off from, the best option is to read from chapter 98. If you buy physical copies, it will be from the beginning of volume 12.

Where To Start Demon Slayer Manga After The Mugen Train

If you want to live again demon slayer Season 2 in the manga, you can start reading from Chapter 67. Chapter 66 is where the Train Mugen the movie ends.

For many fans, Train Mugen was their first experience of demon slayer franchise. This film was a huge success, especially in terms of how it attracted new fans.

the Train Mugen arc in the manga also includes chapters 67-69. In the anime, however, these chapters serve as the opening to the Entertainment District Arc. So if you watched the movie, you’ll want to read those chapters to see the aftermath.

If you buy volumes of demon slayer manga, you’ll want to start with volume 8 after the Train Mugen film. To read in full Entertainment District Arc and catch up on the anime, you’ll also need to purchase volumes 9, 10, and 11.

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Where to read the Demon Slayer Blacksmith Village arc

If you want to get ahead demon slayer Season 3, the Blacksmiths’ Village Arch the series will start from chapter 98 of the manga.

Technically, the Blacksmiths’ Village Arch starts from chapter 100 of the demon slayer manga. However, as with the entertainment district anime season, the first episodes of the anime will wrap up the end of the previous arc to bring fans up to date.

Therefore, if you are wondering where the anime will start, you should start reading from chapter 98. In terms of Demon Slayer manga volumes, this is the beginning of volume 12.

It has not been confirmed how many manga demon slayer Season 3 will adapt. If you want to read the whole Blacksmiths’ Village Archthis ends in chapter 127, in volume 15 of the manga.

There are some suggestions that the third season can also adapt the shorter Hashira Training Bow which follows the Blacksmiths’ Village Arch. If so, you can also read chapters 128 to 136, which includes part of volume 16 of the manga.

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