Who is Akaza from “Demon Slayer”

You, do you know who Akaza is from “Demon Slayer” and what are her abilities?

He comes is the most important antagonist of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, In addition to being considered the third most powerful demon of the Doce Kizuki in this series.

Demon Slayer“By its name in English, is an anime series, also known as”Kimetsu no Yaiba“, Y “Guardians of the night“, in Spain. It premiered in April 2019 and is set in Japan, in the era Taisho. This series tells the story of Tanjiro Kamado, an intelligent, kind and big-hearted young man who is dedicated to selling coal for a living. One day, when he returns home, he finds the terrible news that his family has been killed by a demon. So he sets out on a risky journey to seek the cure for Nezuko, her sister and only survivor, as she has become a demon. And on the other hand, Plate He seeks to transform himself into a demon slayer to eliminate the being that murdered his family and make his sister human again.

One of the strongest demons in this world is He comes, who is considered to be the third most powerful demon of the Twelve Kizuki. These groups are divided into two: upper moons and lower moons. Respectively, the level and number to identify them are marked on their eyes. It should be noted that in “Demon SlayerDemons are evil creatures that feed on human flesh and blood. Leads them Muzan Kubutsuji, who has the power to turn humans into demons, but what do we know about He comes?

Who is Akaza?

Before Muzan Kibutsuji turn him into a demon, the name of He comes era Hakuji. She had short pink fluffy hair, plus yellow eyes with blue tones, slanting inward, and pink lashes. After his transformation he took the form of a light-skinned, muscular young man, with very thick blue lines that curve between his eyes, from below the ears to the temples, from the center of the hairline along the bridge of his nose, two that are around his neck and another three that extend down his torso. The central line goes down directly to his chest and half of his stomach, meanwhile, the other two extend on each side of his chest to join both lines and this pattern is repeated in both his waist and arms. Each of his biceps are covered by these lines, down to the wrists, below which, you can see that his fingers are dark blue, with orange nails.

These lines closely resemble the criminal tattoos that he had when he was human.

As we know, the arch enemy of Rengoku He first appeared as the antagonist in the arc Mugen Train. Due to the memories of Hakuji, He comes He totally refuses to kill or eat women, even though this would make him stronger.

Since I was human He comes He was characterized by being tough, mean, impulsive and who enjoys fighting. But as much as a demon, he despised anyone he considered weak and only respected those he considered strong. He even sees his colleagues as rivals. This has earned him constant struggles against Upper Moon One, the Upper Moon Two Y Kokushibou.

He comes fought against Giyu Y Plate in the Infinite Fortress until his death. Although he was toppled and beheaded, he continued to fight until he couldn’t take it anymore. But when he regained his memories, his regret was deep and he made the decision to end his life to go to hell as a man.

Next, we list the skills that distinguish He comes:

• Tactical intellect

• Ability to feel the fighting spirit.

• Extrasensory perception.

• Skill for martial arts.

• Great strength

• Ability to regenerate.

• Durability.

• Handling of meat.

• Speed ​​and reflexes.

• Indomitable will.

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