Why are anime trending on weekends?

For some weeks now, in the list of trends of Twitter and Google, Japanese names little known to some and very familiar to others have been found. This is due to popular anime premieres like “Attack on Titan” and “Demon Slayer.”

What is “Demon Slayer” about and what are the trending names?

On December 5, season 2 of the popular anime premiered. “Kimetsu no Yaiba” or known by its name in English “Demon Slayer” that tells the adventures of “Plate” and his friends “Inosuke” Y “Zenitsu” (some of the names that have been found trending), who belong to a secret organization dedicated to hunting down demons that devour people.

The main objective is to give back to his sister “Nezuko” back to normal, as during a demon attack on her home, the young woman became one.

This adaptation of the manga of the same name, became a favorite of many from its first season, but gained visibility with the premiere of its film “Demon Slayer: The Infinite Train”, screened at Cinépolis on May 30.

The film adapts the second arc of the manga, which deals with the fight against the demon that torments a train, and in which the introduction of one of the “Pillars” (highest-ranking hunters in the anime) is appreciated.

Since the beginning of December it can be seen on platforms such as Crunchyroll The Fumination the second season “Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc”, which tells of his adventures in the “Red Light District” tormented by the demon “In” and in which the protagonists have to disguise themselves as women in order to infiltrate the “Geisha Houses” to gather information and find “Makio”, “Sum” Y “Hinatsuru”, wives of the “Pilar of Sound”, “Tengen Uzui”.

Season 2 of “Demon Slayer” will feature 18 episodes.

Another of the most anticipated anime by many is “Attack on Titan” or known by its Japanese name “Shingeki no Kyoyin”.

What is it about and what are the names that are and will be in trend?

“Attack on Titan” is the manga adaptation of Hajime Isayama that recounts the fight of “Eren”, “Mikasa” Y “Armin” to find freedom, since his people are “what remains of humanity” and is secluded behind three walls that keep them safe from the titans, humanoid creatures that eat people and for which they cannot go beyond the walls.

The protagonists join “The Legion of Recognition” which is the exploration branch of the army within the walls and next to the “Comandante Erwin Smith” and the “Captain Levi Ackerman” They will seek to discover the secret behind the Titans.

This January 9, the second part of the fourth and final season of the anime opens, so since the day before, its characters have become a trend.

This second part picks up the action right where it left off the previous season: With “Eren” Waiting for “Rainer” to have the confrontation they both had been waiting for.

In this season the mystery of the Titans has already been solved and made known, this confronts the people within the walls with a much worse enemy and forces them to divide between those who want war and destruction and those who only want peace, but the key to achieving any of these goals is still “Eren.”

With this last part of the anime, mysteries that remain pending in the previous part must be solved, such as:

What will happen to “Captain Levi”?

What are “Eren’s” plans once he finds “Zeke”?

Who is the father of the son in “Historia”?

Part two of the final season of Attack on Titan It will have a total of 12 chapters, which will be released every Sunday and it is very likely that this will be the number of weeks that the names of its characters will be recurring in internet trends.