Why does Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu fall asleep in the middle of a fight?

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains material from Episode 12 of Season 2 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Zenitsu Agatsuma is known for two things: his high anxiety and his tendency to sleep in the middle of a fight. If for many this last trait is a defect, for Zenitsu it is rather an advantage. It is more efficient while awake than asleep. A big question arises: why does he sleep during a fight?

Credit: Nawpic

L’histoire de Zenitsu

Zenitsu joined the circle of demon slayers thanks to his master. The latter saved him from an insolvent debt. In return, he followed the training of the master who was a former Pillar of Lightning. Endowed with an outgoing and very gentle personality, he is very afraid of demons and does not like to suffer. Unlike other Slayers, he has a distinctive fighting style. Faced with a demon, he runs in all directions and cries because he feels his death coming. Then he falls into a deep sleep. In this state, he acts with calm and serenity. His gestures are precise and his blade lightning. An image far from the cries he pushes when he is awake.

But even asleep, Zenitsu retains a certain awareness. In the movie Infinity Train and the Pleasure District Arc, we see that he fights continuously, unlike in the early scenes where he only gave one hit. Although he is a very good fighter, he only masters the first movement of the Lightning Breath: the Lightning Strike. He perfected this movement by declining it in several variations. He also created his own technique the seventh movement of the breath of lightning: god of heavenly fire.

Fear as a leitmotif

What causes Zenistu to fall asleep in a fight is nothing but fear. Most demons are hideous beings with bloodthirsty powers who don’t hesitate to take on slayers. They can lose limbs or even die. When Zenitsu takes these details into account, he is automatically seized with a crippling fear that prompts him to fall asleep.

But there is a saying that “the end justifies the means”. Falling asleep may seem inappropriate, but this is the only way our slayer can get rid of demons. Besides, the Slayer has a huge self-confidence problem. He never ceases to self-flagellate and hate himself. His self-loathing and fear of demons are his great weaknesses.

As the anime evolves, one can sense a marked improvement in Zenitsu’s fighting style. He cries less before missions and shows self-control. For example, he stood up to Daki although he noticed that she was a Upper Moon during her infiltration mission. Also in the pantry at Daki, he was not distraught and cut the belts several times. This did not fail to arouse the admiration of Inosuke.