Why is Gyomei Himejima always crying in Demon Slayer?

Gyomei Himejima is one of the characters in Demon Slayer the most popular of the entire series. He is known for his ridiculous power and brute strength, earning him the title of Strongest Hashira.

He is a member of the Demon Slayer Army and is highly regarded. He played a huge role in defeating some of the most powerful demons in the series. Fans have been trying to figure out why he’s still crying. Although the series did not specifically mention a reason, there are a few factors that explain this situation.

Since the series hasn’t officially specified the reason why Gyomei cries all the time, we can deduce possible reasons by looking into his past. Before becoming a member of the Demon Slayer Army, he was in a temple and took care of nine children. He cared deeply for them and cared for them despite his blindness.

However, one day a child came out of the temple after dark and encountered a demon. The demon convinced the child to put out the wisteria incense, used to protect against demons, in exchange for saving his life. The demon destroyed the temple and ended up killing most of the children except for a girl named Sayo, as Gyomei came to the rescue. He was able to defeat the demon with his bare hands and it was that day that he realized he had a strength that few possess.

Even after saving Sayo, he was sentenced to death because she said Gyomei was responsible for the deaths. Gyomei, an emotional and gentle person by nature, was extremely sad that he could not save more lives. Even after the accusation, his worry was that he hadn’t been able to protect other children that the demon had devoured.

It was Kagaya Ubuyashiki who offered him to join the Demon Slayer Army and Gyomei was happy to do so. He devoted the rest of his life to protecting humans by any means possible. He trained his mind and body in hopes of one day eradicating all demons.