Why watch Demon Slayer: Mugen Train with dubbing again? – Spoiler Time

A few ago 4 months the moviegoers of Latin America we were happy to enjoy the fabulous anime movie in a movie theater Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train. A few weeks later Konnichiwa! he would surprise us with a run of farewell functions with an unexpected dubbing into Latin Spanish, just “out of the oven”, since the studios SIGE Producing they finished the same at the beginning of this 2021.

The joy of having a globally successful anime film in theaters in the region just 6 months after its premiere in Japan (also considering the impediments and delays posed by the pandemic these days) it was something that resonated to the point of attracting new fans of the franchise, and as we recommend in our review, they did the proper marathon (or revisited) the 26 episodes of the series that adapts the first 2 arcs of the original manga Koyoharu Gotoge, swelling the ranks of fans of this great and mystical franchise.


But the big surprise would come 2 months later by Funimation, when they suddenly announced on social networks that the film would arrive exclusively on their platform, with everything and dubbing in Portuguese and Latin Spanish!

The peculiar thing is that this great film reached Funimation the same day that Evangelion 3.0+1.01 a Amazon Prime Video, so for some it could go unnoticed, but not for the otakus that we love all genres of anime!

A) Yes, once this great movie is seen again in its dubbed version, we will tell you our impressions.

The cast repeats, and remains flawless

Something that stood out in this dubbing since its inception is the huge number of actors – new generation and veterans – summoned for this anime adaptation of ufotable, achieving an amazing result thanks to the remote quality control of Aniplex.

Thus, both the well-known voices of dubbing legends and Gerardo Reyero (Freezer on Dragon Ball WITH) In the role of Gyomei, Cristina Hernandez (Sakura Cardcaptor) What Shinobu or the colossal Ruben Moya (He-Man) As the Hand demon, alternate with new talents such as Erika Langarica (In this corner of the world), Ivan Bastidas, Uraz Huerta and Jose Luis Piedra.


The direction and cast maintain coherence and quality, despite the change of studio and translators

Something that also caught our attention was that, although the entire cast of the season’s adaptation was respected 1, dubbing studios were used for the film SIGE Producing, instead of Universal Cinergía Dubbing, as well as swapping out the previous translators and adapters for the relatively newbie Jennifer Medel.

Despite this, dubbing quality prevailed, integrating talents such as Mario and Arturo Castañeda, with a superb and evolved Irwin Daayán (Anakin Skywalker) in the crucial role of Kyōjurō.

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It was recorded in 2 days!

The young dubbing director Marc Winslow confessed to More than Cine Latam That they had a term of only 2 days to record!

Although that is not uncommon for a film by 2 hours of duration, synchronizing cast and times in the middle of the pandemic was undoubtedly a titanic activity, without the end result suffering from a feeling of haste or a job poorly finished … quite the opposite!

Why watch Demon Slayer Mugen Train with dubbing again
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