Witch Codes Resurrected (May 2022)

Witch Codes Revival Mobile Game

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Revived Witch is a gatcha role-playing game that lets you play as a witch who goes on a quest to restore her memory. You will meet friends and collect dolls that will help you fight and defeat the forces of evil lurking in the shadows on your adventures.

There’s plenty to do in the well-designed locations, so be prepared for some tough battles. To help you on this dangerous journey, we’ve found some great Revived Witch codes. Redeeming them will give you items like Stamina Elixir (to restore stamina), Soul Cryolite (used for summoning), Gold, and some decorative items like avatar frames.

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All Risen Witch Codes List

Updated May 26

Added new Revived Witch gift codes.

Risen Witch Codes (Working)

Here is an overview of all working codes in Revived Witch.

  • 932897—Gain 222 souls and 2 stamina flasks with this code
  • THE BEGINNING—Gain a Full Stamina Potion, 3 Soul Cryolite, and a Kitty Cat Avatar Frame
  • The Adventure Begins – Win 2 Soul Cryolite and 3 Stamina Elixirs with this code

Risen Witch Codes (Expired)

These codes for Revived Witch no longer work.

Revived Witch FAQ, Answered

Here’s everything you need to know about Revived Witch gift codes in one place.

How to Redeem Revivaled Witch Codes

Redeeming codes for free rewards in Revived Witch is simple.

Risen Witch Redemption CodesScreenshot by Pro Game Guides

  • Enter the game.
  • On the lobby screen, tap the profile picture in the top left corner of the game.
  • Select the Other Settings option.
  • Tap the Redeem button.
  • On the Redemption Code screen, precisely enter the code in the text box as it appears in the list above.
  • Press the Confirm button and enjoy your reformulations!
  • You can also access the Other Settings option during a quest. Click on a card in the upper right corner and select More settings.

    How to find more revived witch codes?

    It would be best to search for new Revived Witch codes on this page first. So add it to your favorites and check it regularly to discover new gift codes to claim. You can also visit the game’s official Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Discord pages.

    Why aren’t my Revived Witch codes working?

    Revived Witch codes have expiration dates, so try to redeem them as soon as possible. If you are late, the code will not work. Another reason codes don’t work is a simple typo. To avoid this, make sure you enter codes without spelling mistakes.

    What is the reanimated witch?

    Revived Witch is a mobile pixel art RPG game that lets you play as a witch. Your story begins in the mystical tower, which will become your base of operations. From there, you will go on a quest to restore your hero’s memory. You will need to gather warriors and create a strong party to defeat enemies to do this.

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