Xbox Game Pass: How do I get free access to Crunchyroll?

Microsoft announces an exclusive partnership with the Crunchyroll anime platform which really has it all. Who can benefit from it?

Anime fans will love this collaboration. Microsoft, which has one of the best subscriptions in the gaming world, has just improved it even more. In fact, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers now have access to a free trial period to the famous anime platform. Crunchyroll, and lasting for 75 days !

To top it off, the two companies didn’t do things by halves. Players will be able to take advantage of the Mega Fan subscription, which gives them access to the entire Crunchyroll catalog, which contains no less than a thousand animated series, and all without ads. However, access is reserved for a portion of the subscribers.

How to take advantage of the free access to Crunchyroll?

Indeed, Microsoft specifies that this limited time offer does not apply to certain countries. Those not affected are Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Not everyone who resides in these Asian countries is eligible for the free trial. All is well for the French, then. Then, and it goes without saying, to be able to take advantage of the 75 free days on Crunchyroll, you must have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

The subscription is available at a price of 12.99 €, and it gives you access to the catalog of more than a hundred games, in addition to also giving you access to the cloud, to Xbox Live Gold as well as to the library of EA Play games. Finally, the last condition is not to already be a subscriber to Crunchyroll, this offer is only reserved for new customers.

Once you have all the required criteria, all you need to do is request your free trial before February 2nd. For that, go to the Benefits category of your Xbox Game Pass membership. Click on the Crunchyroll offer and click Claim. Then follow the instructions displayed to take advantage of your free access.

A more than enticing catalog

For those new to Crunchyroll, or even anime, now is the time to get started. It is one of the most complete platforms, with very popular anime headlining. We thus note the availability of One Piece, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Hunter x Hunter, or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Many episodes are available just an hour after they air in Japan. In addition, you can watch your episodes wherever you want, on mobile, your console or your PC.

This is not the first time that a player in the video game industry as powerful as Microsoft has joined forces with an anime platform like Crunchyroll. Indeed, Sony has several times previously offered free and limited access to the Wakanim platform, or Funimation depending on the region, especially during the Play At Home process. However, this has never lasted as long as what Microsoft offers today. Enjoy it!