Yeferson Cossio expressed his desire to be a father during his trip abroad

Yeferson Cossio posted a video that moved a large part of the users on social networks. Photo: Instagram @yefersoncossio

”The traveler without return”, that’s how some of the users call the content creator Jeffrey Cossio. The man who At the end of November 2021, he assured that he was renouncing his Colombian nationality. He continues to attract the attention of Internet users through his official accounts because he undertook a trip to Japan to rediscover himself. A spiritual and tourist journey in which he has shown his admirers customs that he had never seen and people that he did not expect to meet.

The instagramer He has been away from the country where he grew up for almost a month. Despite the fact that in his plans he has stated that he has not contemplated moving completely, he has made it clear that “Very possibly he will stay until December” to get to know more places, monuments and landscapes, without neglecting to continue trying new recipes and practicing cultural activities of the Asian territory.

In one of his Stories on the Instagram social network, the interpreter of ‘Exotic’ shared with his more than a million fans on his secondary account named @yefitowho attended an enclosure that simulated being a space from the animated series Demon Slayer. On the iconic site, the musician and content creator expressed his desire to be a father. He was possibly motivated by the environment that made him feel within a universe of Japanese cartoons.

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Yeferson Cossio was impressed by a girl who dressed up as one of her favorite anime characters. Instagram:@

It is necessary to remember that the influencer has indicated several times through the web that he is attracted to anime, a term that is also understood as a traditional or computer animation style of Japanese origin. Even on his birthday he celebrated with a representative theme of the seasons of ‘Attack on Titan’ and before starting his trip to the capital of the mentioned country they carried out a ‘photo shoot’ in which he made cosplay or costume, of Inosukesignificant character of ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’series known under its name in English ‘Demon Slayer‘.

At the time, which seemed like something out of a movie or unreal, a little girl dressed as Kanao, An important figure from the anime mentioned, or performed to recreate one of the scenes from the series. Yeferson could not stand the emotion to capture the moment that was planned for the attendees to take photographs and, while demonstrating his impact, he published a phrase that his faithful followers did not expect: “I think I do want a child (emoji with love face)”.

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His comment caused hundreds of people to react on social networks because it is the first time that the influencer expressed paternal longings. The only approach that Cossio has manifested for raising a living being is in relation to animals. He stands out because, even being in Tokyo, he wants to help rescue and adopt stray dogs that don’t have the opportunity to have a decent home or are in precarious health conditions.

In past weeks the ex-boyfriend of Jenn Muriel indicated on the network a pregnancy test with which he looked happy. It was even speculated that he would soon be a father; however, the sample did not belong to a romantic partner, but to a colleague who will soon have a baby.


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