Yeferson Cossio surprised with a cosplay of a well-known character from Resident Evil

the content creator Jeffrey Cossiowho recently returned from Tokyo, Japan to resolve some pending issues, surprised his followers by making a Leon S Kennedy Cosplay, a well-known character from the popular horror and survival video game saga Resident Evil.

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And it is that Cossio has made it clear on several occasions that he has a great taste for geek culture, especially for animated cartoons and video games, as we remember that before traveling to Japan, the content creator made a Inosuke Cosplay, a well-known character from the popular anime Demon Slayer.

In this way, through his official Instagram account, where he accumulates nearly ten million followers, the young influencer surprised by transforming into Leon S. Kennedyan agent of the American Government sent to various missions, the most recognized of them when he was sent to Spain to rescue the president’s daughter during Resident Evil 4.

As can be seen in the audiovisual, Cossio wears one of the character’s suits, this being his police uniform. However, the influencer gives it a special touch by showing his arms completely full of tattoos.

“Leon Kennedy, Resident Evil 4. Do you want to see how the photos turned out? (emoji face in love and emoji of fire)”, wrote the content creator next to the video clip that accumulates more than four thousand comments and three hundred thousand likes.

The reaction of netizens

Second after making the publication, his hundreds of followers began to fill the comment box with praise for the young influencer.

“Hahaha I’m cool, Colombian Evil, with that artillery you end crime in this country Parce”, “You should make your own video game in the style of San Andrés… But Medellin version”, “I’m realizing that you look like a character from Resident Evil”, “You should release a video game as it is seen there would be a chimb * haha”, “You already won the award for best halloween costume”, “I demand a Cossío character for cod Mobile”, “León He is blond and blue-eyed… You just need some hair dye and some contact lenses”.

It should be noted that Yeferson Cossio plans to visit the Aokigahara forest, a sector of Japan that is quite famous and controversial for being one of the places where people go to take their own lives.

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