Young people aged 15 to 17 will benefit from the Culture Pass in 2022

The benefit of Culture pass to promote access to culture is extended to minors from the age of 15. These young people will be able to spend an annual credit ranging from 20 to 30 € according to their wishes and an additional sum will be allocated to schools for an amount varying according to the level of studies.

While it was aimed at adults, the culture pass has just been extended to minors aged 15 to 17. For this new age group, the system includes an individual part and a collective part that can be used within the school framework, for the benefit of college students from the 4th year class and high school students enrolled in public or private institutions under contract.

To get their sesame, young people must use the “Pass Culture” application which can be downloaded from Google Play or on theApp store, on which they will receive 20 € if they are 15 years old and 30 € between if they are 16 and 17 years old. The sum which must be spent before coming of age, under penalty of being lost, is renewed each year. It can be spent on tickets and tickets for live shows, cinema, concerts, media libraries and festivals, in dance, theater, music, or the purchase of fine art material, books, comics, DVDs, records. , vinyls, works of art, musical instruments or visits to museums, places and art centers.

Another sum will be paid to schools, to enable them to organize cultural outings during the year. It is 30 € per student in CAP and in second, 25 € per student in 4e and 3e and 20 € for those who are in 1e and in terminal.

Please note, for students at the academies of Rennes and Versailles, the Culture Pass for minors has already entered into force.

The cultural choices of young people

18-year-olds still have a Culture pass of € 300 of which € 100 can be spent on digital goods (video games, online music, video on demand, e-books, online press subscriptions). It is valid for 2 years.

The last study on the declared preferences of culture pass users dates from June 2021 and reveals the preferences of those over 18. On the books side, the saga After by AnnaTodd, followed by that ofHarry Potter by JK Rowling and 1984 by George Orwell are cited in the first places. For video games, Fifa 2021, League of legend and Rocket league are popular. For the news, is on the podium the Euro football, vaccination and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On the film side, the first three places go to Demon slayer: the infinity train de Haruo Sotozaki, Conjuring, in the grip of the devil by Michael Chaves and I want to eat your pancreas by Shin’Hichirô Ushijima. The flagship series are Lucifer by Tom Kapinos, Who killed Sara by José Ignacio Valenzuela et Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. For the music the artists who share the podium are BTS, Aya Nakamura and PNL and that of the song titles place Babo of Aya Nakamura, Butter of BTS and Afro trap part 11 King Kong of MHD.