Zenitsu in danger in the last episode of Demon Slayer

The final episodes of Demon Slayer brought Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu under the command of the Hashira of Sound, Tengen Uzui. The latter in order to find his two missing wives requested their help. To go unnoticed, the three young men had to wear makeup and feminine artifices. In addition, each was placed in a different house in order to collect information and testimonies. Indeed, Tengen Uzui’s intuition told him that a demon was hiding among the women of the pleasure district. And, it looks like he’s right.


Daki, the Upper Moon

The penultimate episode left us on the wrong track. It was believed that it was Inosuke who had ended up in the house where the demon was. But it’s Zenitsu who will have the privilege (if you can call yourself that) to unmask the demon. Thanks to his undeniable flair, he will realize that the hostess of his house smells like a demon. He will also notice that this smell is not that of an ordinary demon, but certainly of a Upper Moon. Another event will fuel his suspicions. During a Daki reprimand to one of the girl in the house, Zenitsu will firmly hold Daki’s wrist, so that she stops hurting the little one.

But Daki did not hesitate to send him waltz across the room with a violent punch. At the end of the episode, Zenitsu is seen busy treating his wrist injury, while tissue surrounds him. Daki would therefore be able to use his tissues over long distances in the pleasure district to catch his prey. Will the demon slayer known for his extreme anxiety survive Daki? We will be following this closely in the episodes to follow.

Makio grappling with Daki

In the same episode, we learn more about one of Tengen’s missing women. Makio is tied up and interrogated by a demon. Not giving answers to the questions put to her, she gets caught in the tissues that surround her. Paying attention, you will realize that these tissues are the same ones that surrounded Zenitsu at the end of the episode. This can be interpreted as a demonstration of Daki’s abilities.