10 Anime Characters Who Would Be Sorted Into Ravenclaw (and Why)

Wit, wisdom and intelligence are just a few words to describe Ravenclaw house in the Harry Potter franchise. Rowena Ravenclaw, the founder of Ravenclaw House, said that “spirit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”, which became the basis of those who were sorted into this house.

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With characters like Luna Lovegood, Professor Flitwick, and even Ollivander ranked in Ravenclaw, it’s hard not to recognize the top-notch intelligence he represents. Along with overwhelming curiosity, Ravenclaws have that itch and desire to satisfy their own curiosity and learn more about the world, much like many anime characters.

ten Haruhi Fujioka’s intelligence and hardworking nature mirrors Ravenclaw traits (Ouran High School Host Club)

Haruhi Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club is naturally one of the smartest characters in the series. Due to the show taking place at a high-class (and therefore expensive) school, it’s apparent that she passed the exam with flying colors to earn her enrollment.

This is confirmed later in the show, but the fact that she has to pay off her debt by becoming a host in the first episode gives the audience a clear understanding. That being said, it’s no surprise that Haruhi is ranked in Ravenclaw due to her high intelligence and hard-working attitude, especially when it comes to her studies.

9 An obvious choice for Ravenclaw, Tenya Iida shows his intelligence (My Hero Academia)

Tenya stands out as a perfect choice for Ravenclaw. He’s one of the hardest working characters academically. my hero academia (apart from Momo Yaoyorozu) and uses this intellect in his work and hero training.

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Iida is a very disciplined person who is straightforward in everything she does. Ever observant, he showcases Ravenclaw qualities as he constantly seeks to learn more, whether through his academics, hero work, or even his friends at UA. That’s a big face for Ravenclaw, though obvious.

8 Mikasa Ackerman is logical and rational with his choices, the two Ravenclaw traits (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman smiling (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa of The attack of the Titans is a curious character. In a world where the characters fight for humanity, the majority of them have a fiery taste for revenge and justice that showcases Gryffindor and even Slytherin qualities, but Mikasa falls into a different category. . Mikasa exhibits Ravenclaw qualities.

She is naturally very skilled in what she does and easily becomes top of her class during training. She’s smart and critical when it comes to the next best step, just like Armin. She is logical and rational with her emotions, especially with her “purpose” of taking care of Eren.

7 Giyu Tomioka’s curiosity and reserved nature may tie him to Ravenclaw house (demon slayer)

Giyo Tomioka

With a reserved personality, Giyu has a strong sense of justice and firmness in the way he views the world, as well as its people. As a member of the Hashira, this demon slayer Swordsman is the first Demon Slayer Tanjiro encounters.

Giyu spares Nezuko, possibly because her curiosity leads her to let go of a demon that “won’t eat humans” – a surprising move for a Hashira. It can be compared to Ravenclaw’s urge to satisfy their curiosity about whatever interests them. On top of that, his reserved nature could be interpreted as Ravenclaw’s calculating nature.

6 Victor Nikiforov’s Journey to Satisfy His Curiosity Means He’s a Ravenclaw Textbook (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Yuri!!! On the ice is an anime filled with a diverse cast of characters, but Victor really shines, especially when it comes to his Ravenclaw traits. It’s no surprise that Victor drops everything when he sees Yuri Katsuki skating his program online, putting his life and career on hold to fly off to Japan.

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This action itself screams Ravenclaw, as they are very persistent when it comes to satisfying their curiosity and that’s exactly what Victor was doing. Yuri made him curious – about the skater himself as well as his own life/career. His aerial attitude even mimics Ravenclaw, as he is closest to the air element.

5 Reserved and using his intelligence to his advantage, Saiki Kusuo is definitely a Ravenclaw (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

The disastrous life of Saiki K. is a hilarious, easy-to-watch anime with deadpan humor and ridiculous characters. The main character, Saiki, is a telepathic high school student who seems fed up with everyone’s shenanigans.

His reserved personality and obviously high intelligence point him towards Ravenclaw house. Mainly due to his psychic powers, his intellect is vast and should not be disturbed. The way his logic works to his advantage to get what he wants falls squarely under the Ravenclaw category, such as when he tries to buy coffee jelly.

4 Kamaji’s Wisdom is Ravenclaw’s Best Trait (Spirited Away)

Although Kamaji is a supporting character with only a handful of lines in Taken away as if by magic, he still makes a huge impression on Studio Ghibli movie fans and viewers. Her wisdom is something Chihiro looks for in the film, both at first when looking for work and when trying to save Haku.

Ravenclaws are wise, not only academically, but also in their dealings with others as well as the way they handle situations. Kamaji knew he was saving the train tickets for something important and was wise enough to let Chihiro use them to save Haku.

3 The creativity in her hardworking personality makes her an unlikely Ravenclaw (My Hero Academia)

Mina Ashido is one of the least talked about female characters in my hero academia, which is a parody in itself. He’s a very bubbly character, almost exclusively seen as another background character who has a general personality trait.

Mina is actually quite determined and her Quirk mastery is impressive. “Hardworking” can be considered a trait for all Hogwarts houses, but the creativity she exemplifies with that hard-working attitude would make her a great Ravenclaw.

2 Kageyama Tobio uses Ravenclaw traits to excel at volleyball (Haikyuu!!)

Haikyu's Tobio Kageyama!!

Perpetually sullen, Kageyama Tobio of Haikyu!! is an obvious choice for Ravenclaw due to his “too serious” attitude at times. Kageyama is more than just an angry character, however. When it comes to playing volleyball, his wisdom for the game shines through.

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Although he can be seen to exhibit a stubbornness that could sometimes rival the hard-headedness of Gryffindor, the logic and attitude he uses to be the best at the sport makes him an ideal candidate for Ravenclaw.

1 Death the Kid uses his love for symmetry as a tool, letting his Ravenclaw flag fly (Soul Eater)

A good sense of order and the symmetry that Death the Kid exhibits are just a few traits that make him an ideal candidate for Ravenclaw. While his need for symmetry in his aesthetic is sometimes used as a sort of comic relief to soul eaterit’s based on his logic of being the best Meister.

His love for symmetry could even be seen as a tool he uses to achieve success, much like a Meister needs his weapon. Kid’s logic behind using the tools the way he does is what makes him an excellent candidate for Ravenclaw, as well as his seemingly unwavering serious attitude.

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