10 must-see anime even if you’ve read the manga

manga and anime have both grown in popularity in recent years. Some manga have even seen their sales boosted by the release of a successful series adaptation. But what makes a good anime? Should it be faithful to the manga? Or must he succeed in magnifying the original work? It is difficult to answer these questions. Sometimes an anime struggles to compete with its paper form. However, when he combines an attractive concept, an explosive artistic direction and a breathtaking staging, he can be sure to hit his target. Eh yes, there are certain things that are impossible to do in a manga. That’s why it’s always interesting to watch anime in addition to reading the works in print format. So here’s, a small list of anime that we advise you to watch even if you have already read the manga.

1) hunter x hunter (1999)

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The 2011 anime brought the manga to a new audience. However, we cannot say that this adaptation is the most successful of all… As is the case for Fullmetal Alchemist, and manga Hunter x Hunter Has been subject of an adaptation a little less famous before finally knowing the glory.

Although it didn’t adapt all of the arcs from the original manga, due to its author’s many breaks, the 1999 series managed to bring forth an incomparable atmosphere through its animations. In addition to that, the soundtrack and the artistic direction of this work are splendid. That’s why we advise you to watch the older version of Hunter x Hunter rather than the one from 2011, even if you’ve already read the manga.

2) Demon Slayer

10 must see anime even if youve read the manga

Demon Slayer he knew an unexpected gain in popularity, either manga or anime. So to speak, it is currently one of the behemoths of the genre. Absolutely everyone pulls it off.

There are many reasons that explain the success of Demon Slayer in anime… The first, and most undeniable of all, is its incredible artistic direction. It’s one thing to see slayers slaying demons on black and white pages, but it’s clearly another to be able to witness their fights, in sequences close to perfection, with truly beautiful effects and style.

3) Gintama

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In another style, there is Gintama. Pouring much more into the comedy than the series previously presented, Gintama is from from a manga that has a very good reputation on the side of the fans.

However, it remains a real pleasure to find all the humor of this universe in an anime. Its excellent dubbing, coupled with its successful animation sequences and its comic passages, won’t make you regret watching the anime besides reading the manga.

4) Your Lie in April

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Create a manga on music theme can be a handicap. However, it does exist, as evidenced by Your Lie in April. This little masterpiece, both sad and intoxicating, transports you to a universe where Mozart and Chopin are kings.

Despite the fact that Your Lie in April is an excellent manga, it lacked a little something to allow it to shine. With its anime adaptation, we finally hear the scores played by the protagonists, which contributes to the immersion and greatly reinforces the emotional charge of this tragic work.

5) My Hero Academia

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And manga My Hero Academia is excellent in itself, and could very well be sufficient on its own. Its narration is gripping and its characters are well written.

Nevertheless, skipping the anime would be a big mistake for true fans of MHA. The adaptation of the Bones studio takes up the strongest passages of the manga and even manages to sublimate them, with a staging worthy of the greatest shonen.

6) Haikyuu !!

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For some people, Haikyuu !! is the best sports based manga. Well, imagine that Shôyô and his teammates do even better in their anime version.

It is a real pleasure to see the characters of Haikyuu !! come alive before our eyes. The series is beautifully animated and knows how to create tension during sporting events. The addition of dubbing makes it possible to integrate the fans into a group dynamic that makes the protagonists even more endearing.

7) Yu Yu Hakusho

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The manga of Shonen Jump often tend to be better than their anime adaptation. In this sense, Yu Yu Hakusho must be one of the exceptions that proves the rule.

The anime adaptation of this manga allows to expand the original content of the paper work. It also offers him a more successful final arc, well above what the manga normally offers as a conclusion.

8) Devilman Crybaby

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It would seem that the older a work is, the easier it seems to offer quality anime with it. Why ? Simply because it becomes easier to understand the intentions of the mangaka when his work is complete.

Devilman Crybaby proves that this is indeed the case. The anime succeeds to perfectly capture the spirit of the manga. It even manages to fill in some of its gaps, which proves that the original material has been rigorously studied beforehand.

9) Food wars!

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The idea of ​​proposing a manga mixing cooking and ecchi scenes captured the hearts of fans. However, this atypical concept still seems best explored in anime form.

The series adaptation of Food Wars! stays true to the manga. It offers him, however, a more interesting rhythm omitting some lengths. The anime comes out more fluid, with in particular really successful transitions between the arcs.

10) Attack on Titan

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And The attack of the Titans has been so successful in anime, it’s because the adaptation has spared no effort. From an artistic point of view, the TV series wins outright fan support compared to the paper version.

This enthusiasm for anime can also be explained by attention to detail. Adaptations often tend to omit some crucial elements about the characters to get to the point. However, this is not the case with SNK, whose anime adaptation manages to capture the atmosphere and the serious tone of this universe filled with titans.

And you, which anime would you recommend to one of your manga fan friends? Tell us in the comments. We look forward to reading from you! In the meantime, discover the 15 anime that we expect the most in 2022 at the editorial office.