15 Best Hot And Cute Anime Boys In 2022

Are you looking for hot and cute anime boys? The anime has indeed brought us to a plethora of endearing female characters. What about them, though, as we talk about hot and cute anime boys? Have they given up in this area? Therefore, the answer is definitely No! In fact, they’ve created some of the hottest, sexiest characters and trendiest guys.

However, looking at a few examples, Ichigo from Bleach is unmistakably a fashionable female figure. One can only fall in love with hot and cute anime boys with just one look. And there are a variety of them, like excellent, shy, badass, cute, chilly, etc.

Best hot and cute anime boys listed below:

1. C’s Haruaki Yachi3

He is the hot and cute anime boys character from the C3 anime series. As a result, he is attractive while possessing a pleasant personality. However, he is not a fighter, but it is not good if someone stings his relatives or friends. Accordingly, if someone tries to cause conflict with his family or loved ones, he will not be afraid to defend himself. He has dark brown hair that covers his eyebrows and covers his forehead. Overall he has a cute youthful expression on his face.

2. Shou Kurusu from Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Kingdom

Cute Anime Boys

Shou is a laid back figure who maintains his cute appearance. Hot and cute anime boys are very easy-going individuals with great looks and killer personalities. Anyone can quickly become addicted or attached to its attractive, sleek looks and lovely vibes. As a result, he’s one of the cutest male characters in more ways than one. Additionally, his headgear enhanced his appearance, making him appear taller and more dangerous.

3. Yato from Noragami

Cute Anime Boys

Yato is the perfect character for hot and cute young anime boys with unkempt hair. However, what sets him apart is that his eye color changes depending on how he feels. For example, if he is serious or angry, his eyes will crack like a cat’s. Yato appears to be young as his emotions are erratic. Although he is comfortable and full of himself, he sometimes seems childish. Due to its funny disposition, it is more beautiful and cute.

4. Fairytale Guild Loke

Cute Anime Boys

When it comes to hot and cute anime boys, Loke tops the list. He is the Fairy Tale Guild figure revealed to be the Celestial Spirit. As a result, he is the leader of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. As a result, he looks understated and corporate, with somewhat golden hair and glasses.

5. Mikoto Mikoshiba from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Anime Boys

When we look for hot and cute anime boy characters in a series, we look to the main character to help us understand. Mikoto has a cute face and features that attract everyone’s attention. As a result, her followers include both women and boys. However, in truth, he is hesitant, and because of that, everyone is attracted to him.

6. Keima Katsuragi of The World Only God Knows

Anime Boys

It’s hard to watch “The World God Only Knows” and not notice the gorgeous, hot, and cute anime boys. Keima Katsuragi is the name of the male character. As a result, he is the main character of the series. Keima is addicted to video games and can play them for hours. Plus, its specs make it look softer. His unique ability is to change his look multiple times. In fact, he can sometimes cross-dress and turn into a girl, which is genuine!

7. Oreimo’s Kyousuke Kousaka

Anime Boys

Kyousuke Kousaka, the male hero, is in his late teens. Even though he looks ordinary, he is still cute and stands out in the series. He is a dedicated and kind person. Unlike Makoto, who talks about sex, he is devoted to his sister. Hot and cute anime boys have dark dark eyes, and they will go to great lengths to help those who are dear to them.

8. Lavi from D.Gray-man

Cute Anime Boys

Lavi seems emotionless and restrained in nature. On the other hand, his odd behavior and casual nicknames make him cute. The funny nature and pleasant disposition of his hot and cute anime boy, on the other hand, make him stand out. Other than that, he’s a smart person. In addition to all these qualities, he is a sincere, loving and cute man.

9. Mitsukuni Haninozuka of Ouran High School host club

Cute Anime Boys

With his exaggerated sweetness, his hot and cute anime boys face can attract everyone. He has a sweet tooth and likes to try new things. If you observe his behavior, you will discover that he is loaded with sweetness.

10. Lag Seeing by Tegami Bachi

Cute Anime Boys

With his hot and cute anime boys, covered eyes and plump cheeks, Lag is gorgeous. He is quite an attractive perfect anime man. On the other side, he is a whiner, but the qualities he possesses make him even cuter. He is courteous, kind, formal and gentle most of the time. Overall he has a very cute personality.

11. Hanabusa Aido from Vampire Knight

Anime Boys

Hanabusa’s nickname is Idol, and it suits her perfectly; it’s a hot and cute anime boys beauty that can make you feel like you’re in a fantasy. Hanabusa is a charming and attractive vampire. However, he flirts with girls on occasion to demonstrate his charm. The problem with him is that he doesn’t care too much about keeping his vampire identity hidden.

12. Makoto Itou from School Days

Anime Boys

Makoto Itou has a nice personality, big eyes and long hair. As a result, he appears to be a cute teenager. He looks excellent in his varsity uniform and gray suit, but he’s not built like the others. Hot and cute anime boys are believed to have a strong libido and don’t care who he gets physical with or who he sleeps with.

13. Nagisa Hazuki from High Speed! Free! Departure days

Anime Boys

Nagisa Hazuki is a well-mannered young man with a charming attitude and a cute personality. Swimming with his buddies is his all-time favorite pastime. Her warm personality and attitude will captivate you. Nagisa is pretty, and he has hot and cute anime boys who are well aware of his appeal. Due to his beauty, he can easily acquire whatever he wants.

14. Shouyou Hinata from Haikyuu!!

Cute Anime Boys

Shouyou is a bright and enthusiastic person who stands out from the crowd. In the TV show Haikyuu!!, her character is shy by nature; he is afraid and hides when a dangerous circumstance arises. Hot and cute anime boys are the cutest because he always smiles and loves the sunlight. In comparison, her personality is the cherry on top of her charm.

15. Saito from Familiar of Zero: “Rondo” of the Princesses

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The hot and cute anime boys are the dominant male character in The Familiar of Zero light novel mega-series. He is present and is taken from Tokyo to the mystical realm of Tistrain Kingdom. He is nevertheless Louise’s main love interest.


So, this is all about the cutest anime boys you’ve ever seen. There are so many that it’s hard to choose just a handful. However, we picked the 15 cute Anime boys above based on our preferences for gorgeous Anime boys that grab your heart as well as ones that melt it. These lovable guys captivate you with their attractive personalities, cute smiles, lively activities, and reliable, pure souls. They are adorable in their own way.