Anime themes such as Haikyu !!, Attack on Titan, and Slam Dunk were heard at Olympic competitions

During the inauguration of the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020, several users of social networks showed their discontent when not seeing, what many believe typical of Japan, things related to anime, so there were many memes about it not appearing Pikachu O Goku.

However, there was something of the culture geek during the opening, since most of the music that was used to present the participating countries and others was a soundtrack for video games such as Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger, among many others.

In addition to that small nod to a part of Japanese culture, such as the thousands of video games that have been created over the years, during the competitions it has also been possible to listen to musical themes that surely every anime fan will recognize.

So it was in the competition Mixed Team Archery, during which the first opening theme of the anime could be heard in the background Attack on Titan, titled “Guren no Yumiya”, and after all, it’s a sports-related song as it translates to “The Crimson Bow and Arrow “.

Similarly, in a competition of Volleyball, specifically in the match of Japan vs. Venezuela, the first theme of the anime was heard Haikyu !!, an anime that tells the story of Hinata Shoyo, a boy who loves Volleyball who faces different challenges in sport due to his height.

Finally, the team of Women’s Basketball of Japan, made his appearance on the court to the rhythm of “Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai”, song known to be the entry theme for the 90’s anime, Slam Dunk, which is about a team of Basketball, who seeks to achieve victory in his high school days.