Aoashi Might Have One Of Sports Anime’s Greatest New Protagonists

The following contains spoilers for Aoashi’s Episode 1, “First Touch,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Instantly likable anime protagonists aren’t uncommon by any stretch of the imagination. However, it’s rare for an anime to feature a track with as much nuance as the Spring 2022 football theme. Aoashi a in one episode. In many anime, the protagonist’s development is often the most subtle or slowest in progression among the main cast. Hunter x Hunter Gon is a prime example. As a result, these leads end up being overshadowed by their supporting cast, and fans tend to perceive them as bland in comparison.

Yes from Aoashi the season premiere is something to do, Ashito Aoi won’t have that problem. In his debut episode, the 15-year-old showed off his personality flaws – but also proved he’s fully aware of them. He looks like One Piece Luffy in the sense that he doesn’t feel the need to change who he is for anyone. Ashito stays true to himself, even if it means being an outcast.

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Ashito and the Rival Guardian

Episode 1 of Aoashi begins with a football match in which it is clear that Ashito’s team is not very good and relies heavily on him. This does not go unnoticed by the opposing team who point out in frustration that the ball still goes to Ashito. He is the team’s star player and the only one capable of scoring goals.

Interestingly, it becomes apparent that this doesn’t mean that Ashito himself is an exceptional player. His coach and a girl who appears to be his assistant point out that his games are random and he doesn’t care about positioning or formations. The coach doesn’t mind, however, as long as his star scores.

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The opposing team’s goalkeeper approaches Ashito and taunts him by reminding him of when they played for the same club. He reveals that Ashito was not welcome on any team because he is a big pig and had to quit said teams. Initially, the Guardian’s words don’t seem to bother Ashito at all, that is, until he starts insulting his teammates. He says the way his teammates play is boring, calling them goons and well-trained monkeys who just pass the ball to him and drag in front of goal.

Ashito physically attacks the child and the match eventually ends in his team’s loss as he was taken out of the game as a result. Looking at the situation as it is, Ashito’s reaction is already understandable. But it gets more interesting because later in episode 1, that same rude goalie visits Ashito’s house with his parents. He reveals that he didn’t just insult Ashito’s teammates; he also insulted his mother and family. That was really when Ashito had heard enough and attacked him.

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Ashito under the stars

After the match, Ashito ends up meeting Tatsuya Fukuda, a coach from an elite youth soccer club called Tokyo City Esperion. He is fascinated by the way Ashito plays and wants to examine it personally. At first, when Ashito cannot demonstrate certain skills and shows no interest in tactics, the coach considers that he may have been wrong about him. However, Ashito leaves him pleasantly surprised when he explains exactly how he and his team were able to score. It proves that it wasn’t a random coincidence, but rather a genuine effort.

Ashito acknowledges that he can’t do anything unless his teammates allow him to play the way he wants. They’re the first team to accept him for who he is, something he doesn’t take for granted. This is why he values ​​them so much even though they are weak in skill. Usually, a character like Ashito on a team like this would unsurprisingly be selfish and look down on his teammates. The fact that Ashito isn’t like that at all speaks to his benevolent nature.

Aoashi has already proven to have an amazing protagonist that viewers can expect plenty of nuance from. Ashito’s character development throughout the season will no doubt be exciting to watch. The best part is that he’s not the only one, as manga readers know this series is filled with a compelling cast of characters and storylines. Viewers are sure to have a great time with Aoashi as it airs throughout the Spring 2022 anime season.

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