Bleach TYBW EP 4 Review by @Marodelaspada / Preview of episode 5: Death rain in Soul Society! Will Ichigo make it in time?

L’Bleach TYBW episode 4 aired on Monday, October 31, 2022 in Japan on TV Tokyo. Harleking offers us his review! Each week after the episode is released in VOSTFR he will come to give his opinion on the episode of the week for the anime Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War.

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The episode covers from the end of chapter 494 to 499, six chapters! However the title of the episode is that of chapter 496 “Kill The Shadows” with a scene of the death of the shinigami Hidetomo Kojamaru. Death that we see in chapter 496, the episode begins hostilities with that.

The animation is really very good, we see scenes from the trailer, the more we advance, the more there will be new discoveries. The episode is well paced!

In terms of non-censorship the anime still keeps its promises, we have even more characters on this episode, the seiyuu are doing an incredible job! It’s a rain of action, experienced animators are at the helm.

We have Satoshi Sakai on this episode on the Bambietta vs Sajin part, an animator who once worked for Shingeki no Kyojin. Personally, I really liked seeing Opei Volé at the end of the episode, it’s so pleasant to watch this beautiful fluid animation, it’s a scene that many fans loved. Yuki Sato is on this magnificent cut, he has already worked on MHA, Fire Force, Haikyuu etc. The animation and the plans are generally very good!


I note two additions in the animation, the counter of the mysterious quincy against Toshiro, and the shoot of Bambietta against his opponent Sajin. There are scenes of Akon trying to bridge the phone to Urahara that were deleted to bring the conversation to him faster.

A scene also between Jugram and Yhwach has been removed, I won’t quote it, it may appear in the next episode. The Jugram scene is deleted while there is a big recap of the last three episodes. The recap is way too early, it’s a weird studio decision, it’s possible it’s a trick to decide which scene to end on at the end of the episode. Fortunately, this does not break the rhythm.


The music on this episode plays a major role in the mood. For example there is a remix of “On The Precipice Of Deafeat”, it clearly looks like a mix with the ost “Never Meant To Belong”it gives a strange aspect to the ost, out of tune, sinister, it fits perfectly with As Nodt.

There are a lot of ost of this kind during the episode, personally it played on my feeling of the episode. I had a mixed opinion, because incomplete, that’s what tickled me, understanding this feeling of unease installed during the episode.

It’s a great performance Shiro Sagisu, he’s a genius ambiancer and it doesn’t matter the kind of ambiance. He lets loose with the character of As Nodt, it portends very interesting horrific themes for the future.


And to end this week at the end of the episode there is a new unpublished poem in honor of Chojiro Sasakibe: “When the lightning fades, a wish resides inside a

Things in the story move very fast once again, Ichigo regains the upper hand against Opei, after Urahara’s help everyone thought Opie was finished. But he has not said his last word, will Ichigo manage to save Soul Society? To be continued in the next episode !

What did you think of this episode? Let us know in the comments!

Bleach TYBW EP 4 Review by @Marodelaspada Preview of

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L’animated adaptation of Bleachhas 366 episodes (Chapter 480 – End of Volume 54) and stopped on March 27, 2012. And the Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War anime adapting theThousand Year Bloody War arc resumed October 10, 2022.

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