Blue Lock: The anime on football Battle Royale version releases a new full window trailer

news culture Blue Lock: The anime on football Battle Royale version releases a new full window trailer

Blue Lock is already shaping up to be the new benchmark for sports anime. The work of Kaneshiro Muneyuki and Yusuke Nomura will experience its first season later this year. While Crunchyroll recently announced that it’s streaming this anime, today the platform is sharing a new high-tension promotional trailer.

The most personal player in the world

The popularity of sports manga is well established. Slam Dunk, Olive and Tom, Eyeshield 21 and more recently Kuroko’s Basket or Haikyuu… today there are proud representatives of many sports disciplines through the art of Japanese drawing. A constant success over the decades for the genre that has systematically found its audience.

The latest reference in sports manga is undoubtedly Blue Lock. Hajime Isayama, the author of Attack on Titan himself, even recommended the series. It must be said that Isayama had time to witness the blossoming of the talent of Yusuke Nomura, the designer of Blue Lock, since the latter worked as an assistant to Isayama.

In short, Blue Lock is set in Japan in the aftermath of the 2018 World Cup. After the country was eliminated from the tournament, the government decided to come up with a program to create the perfect striker: the Blue Lock program. We follow the journey of young Yoichi Isagi, a football player in his high school. While his team loses a decisive match that would have allowed him to still dream of a career in football, Yoichi receives an invitation to participate in Blue Lock.

The particularity of Blue Lock lies partly in its mixture of genres. The work mixes both sports and Battle Royale elements to offer an intense, gripping and devilishly effective story. As fans eagerly await news from the anime, Crunchyroll has just brought us a supercharged trailer.

Expected at the end of the year on Crunchyroll

The trailer shared by the platform focuses above all on the action, but also on the beautiful game. Yoichi will have to face many competitors if he wants to become the best striker in the country. A major challenge that will put him to the test. At the end of the trailer, we will remember the date of 2022. It’s only recently that Crunchyroll confirmed that the anime will air on the platform for this year, in October to be more precise. It will therefore be necessary to be bitter with patience before being able to discover Yoichi’s challenge. Waiting, you can still leaf through the manga while the first seven volumes are already available from Pika editions.

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