Check out the trailer for Detective Conan’s 25th film

The work of Gosho Aoyama is a staple of the manga universe and it is little to say it. Detective Conan is one of the series with the longest longevity, manga and anime combined. His animated series has no less than 1,032 episodes, and Shinichi Kudo continues to solve complex crimes.

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But this time around, the focus will not be on the animated series, but rather on the release of the 25e franchise film.

Detective Conan from 1996 to 2021

The 1032e Episode of the animated series Detective Conan will be released on December 25, 2021. This staggering figure is enough to measure the incredible journey of Gosho Aoyama’s manga which does not seem to be at the end of its rope. A new mystery awaits the brilliant detective Shinichi Kudo still trapped in the body of a child. But before we get there, it would be good to do a little recap of the franchise’s latest feats of arms.

In 2021, Detective Conan’s manga broke some significant records. The work of Gosho Aoyama came to delight the Naruto franchise, the fourth best-selling manga in the world with more than a quarter of a billion copies on its counter. It ranks behind other icons like Dragon Ball, Golgo 13, and One Piece. But that’s not all. Detective Conan has just reached the milestone of 100 published volumes.

Detective Conan: Halloween Bride

The franchise is really not wasting time. Earlier this year, the 24e The franchise film, titled Detective Conan: The Scarlett Bullet premiered at Anime NYC. As we are on the verge of jumping on foot in a new year, we are told the release of a new film. And to spice things up, a trailer of this new opus is already making the rounds on social networks.

We discover the arrangement made by the composer Yugo Kanno. The latter also shared the stress he felt, because he wanted to be up to such a project. He also said he benefited from the advice of the composer of the original theme of Detective Conan, Katsuo Ohno. The achievement of this 25e film is entrusted to Susumu Mitsunaka. The latter is best known for his work on Haikyuu. The film will debut in Japan on April 15, 2022.

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