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Haikyuu has it all: friendship, volleyball and even death. Now we know what you are thinking, how can this anime have such an aspect? To answer this, we tell you everything you need to know about the painful day that Daichi Sawamura died in Haikyuu.

Daichi is dead in Haikyuu?

It all started in season 2 episode 16 when Karasuno played in a volleyball match against Wakutani Minami High. During this episode, Coach Ukai fears that this opposing side will cause some problems for the team, especially with Captain Takeru Nakashima’s leadership skills.

As the game progresses, Ukai’s nervous intuition proves correct when Daichi clashes with his teammate, Ryunosuke Tanaka. As a result, fans created the “RIP Daichi” meme, leading many others to believe that he actually passed away on Haikyuu.

The truth of the matter is that Daichi didn’t actually die in the anime, and the rumor was purely for fun. However, this “fatal” event proved difficult for Karasuno, as his captain had to temporarily leave the game and Chikara Ennoshita had to intervene while he recovered.

Here is one of the prominent memes that have been floating around the internet:

Tw: spoiler, character death

We still miss you daichi :(( pic.twitter.com/6hIlFkD89s

— Danii (@bokehinataharem) June 12, 2020

Another meme that was born from this moment was the “Tanaka Nice Kill” image, as shown here:

BEAUTIFUL KILL TANAKA pic.twitter.com/LSDrl46zEg

— Yu Nishinoya (@OfficalNoya) November 28, 2020

With this hilarious internet creation, some have branded Tanaka a murderer as he bears some of the blame for the incident.

If you’re not familiar with the phrase “Nice Kill”, this is a volleyball term used when someone makes a spike/attack that results in an immediate point during a match. Also, this wording may have caused some confusion for Haikyuu beginners, and the community has also joked about it, like this Twitter post here:

New Haikyuu!! fans when they find out about daichi’s death pic.twitter.com/gMNrll6XAU

— Haikyuu World (@HaikyuuworId) October 13, 2021

Hopefully this guide will give you a better understanding of Daichi’s death in Haikyuu. If you want to see more of the popular anime, you can refer to the relevant links below and check out the latest update on Season 5.

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