Does Karasuno ever win nationals in Haikyuu!? – Latest game news, guide and tips

With the two-part movie gradually approaching, you might be wondering: Does Karasuno ever win Nationals in Haikyuu!? To answer this question, we will go over his timeline within the manga and what you can expect to see in the anime once it is released.

***Spoilers for Haikyuu! Sleeve below***

Does Karasuno ever win nationals in Haikyuu!? Answered

Although Karasuno has gone to the Spring Tournament several times in the Haikyuu! Serie, the team has never won Nationals. However, they have come relatively close to victory and regained their status as a powerful school thanks to the efforts of Shoyo Hinata, Tobio Kageyama, Kei Tsukishima, and everyone else who played during this period.

In the anime, Karasuno is currently facing his rivals, Nekoma, where we finally get to see the long-awaited “Battle in the Dumpster”. At the end of this matchup, they defeat the highly defensive team and battle Kamomedai High School.

Unfortunately, the Ravens lose this game, but at least they achieve their goal of going to the Spring Tournament after all these years. Once upperclassmen, Daichi Sawamura, Asahi Azumane, and Koshi Sugawara graduate, the team loses to Date Tech High in the Inter-High preliminaries and is defeated by Inarizaki High in the third round of the Spring Tournament.

It is not until the third year that Karasuno reaches the semi-finals in the Spring Tournament and places in third place after losing to the famous Itachiyama High School.

Source: VizMedia and Jump Comics

Due to his victories and hard work, Karasuno could win Nationals one day if there is a spin-off show or a continuation of the series.

We hope this guide answers your question about Karasuno winning Nationals in Haikyuu! For more content on the anime and manga, you can refer to the relevant links below and check out the latest updates on the two-part film installment.

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