Goodbye the film that will make you discover the world

Director Ishizuka ATSUKO’s name may not mean anything to you, but the anime series A Place Further Than The Universe maybe a little more. Good-bye is her very first animated film for which she wrote the screenplay. She ensures the realization within the Madhouse studio in which she has worked for 19 years. The film is distributed in France by Eurozoom, which has already presented it in the official selection at the Annecy 2022 festival. It will be released on screens on Wednesday January 18, 2023.

Director Ishizuka Atsuko

First of all, let’s go back to its talented director Ishizuka Atsuko born in 1981 in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture. It was at Aichi University of the Arts that she began her activities in the world of animation. She stood out in 2003 in various projects. In 2004, freshly graduated, she was hired by the studio mad house. She cut her teeth on the second part of the series Monster. Little by little, she made a place for herself in the studio and produced several series such as No Game No Life, Hanayamata or Prince of Stride: Alternative.
In 2018, the original anime aired A Place Further Than The Universe (abbreviated as Yorimoi in original version). Her story has a profound effect on the public who follows the adventures of high school girls who set off on the totally crazy project of going to Antarctica to find the missing mother of one of them. An anime that has achieved real critical success and is still often cited in the rankings of the best series. It is still available on the streaming platform Crunchyrolland the director even came to say hello to France in 2019, at paris manga, to meet his fans.
She then got down to the production of her film Goodbye, DonGlee!, which was released in Japanese cinemas on February 18, 2022. It is broadcast in France in the official selection of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Shortcut to Good-bye it is on January 18, 2023 that it is finally available everywhere in France.

Goodbye DonGlees

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Rome is a young boy who lives in the Japanese countryside. With his childhood friend Toto they call themselves the “c’s” and they put on a little fireworks show every summer. At the end of his first year of high school, Toto returns from Tokyo where he is studying. a newcomer, drop, joins the “DonGlees” to film with his drone the show seen from the sky. But this time, nothing goes, the fireworks don’t work and the drone is blown away. At the same time, a forest fire breaks out for an undetermined cause. The canvas panics and blames the DonGlees for having set fire with their fireworks. Roma, Toto and Drop go in search of the drone to prove their innocence. This trip will have far greater repercussions than they could have imagined at the start.

It is often said that itIt’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey. And that’s exactly what a lot of Good-bye. The DonGlees’ goal is to prove their innocence by finding their wind-driven drone far up the mountain. Drop, who is the new kid in their group, will befriend his two companions, and their adventures bring them closer and change their narrow vision of life in a lasting way.

Good-bye deals with travel, openness to the world and to others when Japan lived in seclusion for almost three years. The first part of the film sets the scene, the characters, all egocentric. The second part is interested in their initiatory journey. The one through which they discover strengths that they did not know each other. It is also an opportunity to get to know each other better in an adventure outside of everyday life. Finally, the third part is the result of this seemingly innocuous trip that will turn their lives upside down. It is more important to enjoy life, to discover the world than to vegetate in an insipid present. You have to take advantage of every minute to live your life to the full, enriching it with encounters and memories. It’s around this idea that the film revolves, and that’s what makes it so touching: you probably have to have already tasted the beauty of travel to understand how much this opening changes you and forges a new version of you that is less self-centered and more open to others.

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A winning team

For the film, Ishizuka Atsuko surrounds herself with a solid team. She worked with most of them on other productions like No Game No Life Where Chihayafuru.
Character design is by Takahiro YOSHIMATSU, and his CV speaks for him since he was, among other things, an animator on dragonball and Dragon Ball Zbut also chara designer on Trigun, Overlord or Hunter x Hunter.
The entire artistic direction team, led by Ayano OKAMOTO (Bang Dream! Live Movie), is great. Talented artists whose decors, colors and lights reflect Japanese and Icelandic landscapes. The director of photography is none other than Yuuki KAWASHITAa who worked on Vinland Saga.

The compositions of Yoshiaki FUJISAWA (Mushoku-tensei) fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the road trip tinged with melancholy. The title rock the world from jrock band [Alexandros] beautifully closes this film that will have brought us a few tears at the end.

The film will be broadcast in VOST or VF. As soon as the broadcast of trailer in Japan, the focus was on the three voice actors. Roma is performed by Natsuki Hanae (Tanjiro in Demon Slayer), Toto by Yuki KAJI (Eren in The attack of the Titans) and Drop by Ayumu MURASE (Hinata in Haikyuu!!). They carry their characters with talent.

The film is distributed by Eurozoom in cinemas in France and Belgium.

Good-bye is a funny film but also sad at times, it plays with you to better carry you away in a whirlwind of benevolence. If the scenario can sometimes seem clumsy, it exudes the generosity that we had known through the anime A Place Further Than The Universe.