Haikyu!! arrives in VF and VOSTFR on Crunchyroll

It’s a small event, the series Haikyu!! returns to Crunchyroll but with a VF! Indeed, the four seasons of theanime will be available soon with a brand new French version currently produced in the dubbing studios of Crunchyroll.

Haikyu!! (Haikyu!! The aces of volleyball) is originally a manga (2012, 45 volumes, available at Kaze) ofHaruichi Furudate. It is bravely adapted by the studio GI production with a season 1 launched in 2014 under the direction of Susumu Mitsunaka (recently seen directing the latest Conan movie). It is a title that is both realistic and didactic on the concepts of volleyball, bathed in the codes of Weekly Shōnen Jumpoffers a beautiful animation and comic moments.

Otherwise, Crunchyroll indicates that this VF will be presented in preview at JapanExpoduring a conference on dubbing scheduled for Saturday July 16 at 10 a.m. on the Yuzu stage. Will be present to talk about their work, in particular on Haikyu!! :

  • Enzo Ratsito (comedian and artistic director of the VF, recently at work on Ranking of Kings)
  • Alexis Tomassian (Light Yagami in Death Note)
  • Simon Herlin (Jonathan Joeystar)
  • Kelyan White (Harry Potter)

The actors will also be signing on the same day in the Sumire space.

Summary : Hinata is a short volleyball player. Despite this handicap, he manages to compete against his opponents thanks to an incredible relaxation. During his first college tournament, he is humiliated by Kageyama, a pretentious but talented player. Once in high school, he decides to take his revenge. By integrating the team, he discovers that his rival will become his teammate. Thus was born one of the most prodigious duos in volleyball.

Source : Crunchyroll